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September 3, 2011

Take a Walk with Me

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I still haven’t finished sharing all the photos I’d like to share from my vacation in Maine, so in this blog post I’d like to take you on a special walk with me.  Those of you who were reading this blog last summer may remember that Becky and I vacationed around the corner from each other.  Although I’ve been vacationing for more years on Hills Beach than I can remember, Becky pointed out a great little place to take a walk that I never knew about before called East Point Sanctuary, which is maintained by the Audubon Society.  It was a wonderful place for a nature-ocean-walking lover like me!

After a short walk abutting a golf course (something else that I never realized was there) and into some quiet woods, the trail opens up in to beautiful vistas.


The morning had been a little hazy, but near the end of the point, I was able to get the closest view I’ve ever seen of the lighthouse I’ve looked at on my vacations since I was a child, Wood Island Light:

This is the lighthouse you usually see in many of my photos from this view:
Wood Island

In addition to the beautiful views, there was no lack of fun flora and fauna for me to photograph.




This had to be one of the chubbiest ducks I’ve ever seen – unfortunately it never turned its head in my direction.  Then I met another critter that wasn’t chubby at all:

A garter snake slithering along the warm, seaside rocks.  At first I thought it was a piece of discarded rubber, so I was quite surprised when it moved and started flicking its tongue

I was more fascinated than nervous though, and hung around long enough to get a closer-up portrait:

The butterfly, hill of green and big blue sky I showed you in my photo hunt post were also from this walk.


Well, I hope you enjoyed your little walk with me!  And thanks Becky, for bringing my attention to a new experience in a familiar place!