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January 12, 2012

A Dusting, a Headache, and some Cookies

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Weird blog post title, huh?  That’s about how my day went today.  I went to bed last night wishing with all of my might for a delay for the start of the school day.  Our area was under a “winter weather advisory” from 1am this morning to 1pm this afternoon, calling for anywhere from a “coating to 2 inches of snow” with possible icing.  Ah!, I thought, perfect conditions for a delay!  Delays are the best!  You can sleep in a little later, maybe have an extra cup of coffee at home, a good fraction of the day is done when you get to work, and it still counts toward the required 180 days of school!  Imagine my disappointment to be awakened by the sound of my alarm clock at its normal time rather than by the Connect-Ed phone call announcing the district’s delayed start of school for the day.  For this was all that was on the ground:

It was wet and slushy, but hardly treacherous.

Mid-morning at work found me with a headache.  Not a debilitating, can’t-do-my-work kind of headache, but one of those annoying, nagging headaches that just makes you constantly aware of its presence – do you know the sort that I mean?  I stumbled through the rest of my day and made it home no worse for wear, but with the nagger still present.

Feel-sorry-for-myself-me wanted to lie down and take a nap with a dog or two and a fluffy blanket.  Get-off-my-sorry-butt me decided no.  We would make cookies instead!  Cookies make everything better, don’t they?

Oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip cookies, to be exact.

Hmmph, I’ve eaten a couple and the nagger is still there… maybe I need more?  Or something else perhaps?

Anyone remember this post? Yup, they’ve got ’em for Valentine’s Day now too.  I was negligent in not pointing out that Sweetarts Ornaments Gummies were available last month!

Weird post to go with a weird title, wasn’t it?  Thanks for reading the ramblings of a mad woman.  I think I need some more cookies…

January 7, 2012

Hey There!

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Hi everyone!  I’ve missed you this week!  The blogosphere has gotten away from me as I headed back to work this past week after our nice holiday break.  I’ve done some reading and commenting here and there, but it has been nearly a week since I posted.  I don’t have much in the way of new pictures to share (just this one above of Cedric not letting the Christmas village get in the way of his enjoyment of viewing the outside world) but I did want to say hello and share some tidbits.

The Christmas village has been packed away for the year, but before I took it down, I tried making a couple of little video tours of my little town with my iPod.  I was considering posting them here, but I haven’t uploaded them anywhere yet, and now that it is January 7th, it feels a bit after-the-fact, ya know?  The tree has also been taken down and dragged to the small thicket of trees at the back of my property.  The outdoor Christmas lights and the glowing snowman are all that remain of the decorations.  I figure the snowman can hang out for a while; he’s more of a winter fellow than just a Christmas sort.

In addition to Christmas clean-up, I’ve been doing a little housekeeping here on the blog.  I changed my archives to a drop-down menu because the months have been piling up over there.  I’ve also added a new drop down menu for categories and a new category to my blog posts called “Walking the Dogs” – so many of my posts and pictures come from my walks with the furry children, I thought they deserved a category.  I’ve gone through a lot of my older posts and categorized them this way, so if  you are interested in that, have a look.  I’m thinking about doing a “For the Birds” category next.

If you haven’t been over to see Scott’s latest assignment yet, you really should! It concerns that photography stand-by, the rule of thirds.  He wants us to find a shot that makes great use of this rule.  If you are a photo-newbie who isn’t sure what that means, Scott has some great links to help you out.  For those of you who aren’t feeling the photo-mojo this time of year, Scott is allowing the use of an older photo that you crop into a rule-of-thirds example, and would like to see the “before” and “after” if you choose this route.  As an added bonus to participating, Scott is offering a chance at a spot in a really cool photography e-course!  He will randomly choose a winner from all who participate!  Deadline is January 18th so that the lucky winner can be part of the class beginning on January 20th.

I’ve got one more “Christmas” get-together today – the famous “pig out” – and it is at my house this year, so I’d better get moving along.  I hope to catch up with everyone later tonight or tomorrow.  I hope your 2012 is off to a great start!