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February 18, 2011

Melting… melting…

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Woo-hoo! 60° in February!  With the winter we’ve had so far, this was something to celebrate!  And a chance to get outside and enjoy while it lasts.  Our piles of snow are still with us, but lucky for our roof, they are starting to melt.






It was a good day for taking the duo for a walk with the new boots.  Andre was grouchy that I left him home for this one.  I wished I had brought him (of course) when I saw this huge puddle on one of the side streets we passed:

(I took this one with my phone) Daphne and Teddy thought it was time to go for a swim!

Back at home, I took Andre out to look around to see if we could find any signs of life, like Kathy’s pussy willows or Robin’s green shoots.

Enough snow has still not moved aside to see much of anything, but I did see these:


Lilac buds!  One of my spring favorites.  I won’t smell their perfume until May, but it’s nice to dream.

There was also water in my newly-uncovered-with-snow birdbath:

Liquid water everywhere!  So nice to see instead of ice! I even could see…

me!  Do you see me?


How about now?

Unfortunately, it seems our “thaw” will be over tomorrow.  Temps for this area are forecast to be back to seasonable over the next week (my school vacation week!) in the mid 30’s.  No school means plenty of time for blogging, photography and hopefully, more outdoor adventures.  I’ll be working on that Photography Scavenger Hunt – I hope you are too!