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May 18, 2014

Going Green

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I don’t care what Kermit the Frog says, I think it is pretty easy being green.

Robin calls it “a visit from the green man”. I call it finally feeling like spring. We’ve had some good rain, followed by days of sunshine, and my world is finally going green around me. The neighbors’ houses on the street behind mine have disappeared into the green:
Finally green

When I look around me I see fresh green leaves and green grass and I love it.

Next weekend, with any luck and a LOT of work, I will be greening-up my garden. I went to my favorite garden center yesterday for my “annual pilgrimage” and made my plant purchases.
Getting ready to garden

I’m yet to get a picture this year, but I have seen that wonderful “flash” of green – the ruby throated hummingbird. I’ve seen several taking sips at my feeder and flowers over the last week.

I do, however, have pictures I can share of another bird, in fact a bird family:
baby robins (1)

A robin has re-used the nest that was built on my flood light last spring and the 4 babies have quickly grown.
feeding time

I hope your world is going green too!

ETA: WordPress has just informed me that this is the 500th post here on Karma’s When I Feel Like It Blog. Wow! I’ve hit that publish button 500 times? Thanks to all of you who have been here and said hello anywhere from 1 to 500 times!


June 15, 2013

Just thinkin’…

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crazy kitty planter
I’m tired. Dress rehearsal for recital was last night.

they wanna rock

ballet siblings

heavenly lyrical

wanted dead or alive pointe
(Just a few of the very many dances my daughters perform in. Yes, I danced too – no pictures of me to share!)

Achy and tired. But life goes on. My head swirls with thoughts. Recital tonight. Gotta do it all over again. Speaking of doing it all over again, I made Meghan put all her graduation garb back on so we could have some sunny day pictures. Here’s a few favorites:
mom n grad
Proud mama

a kiss for the grad
A kiss for the grad

proud grad
Having fun with it

School is almost over. Just Monday and Tuesday left. School over, dance over – the pace of life will slow for the summer. Still have the grad party to plan for, but that will be easy with more free time.

These little guys have flown the coop:
hungry babies
Flying the coop. Not too long til my grad does the same.

Searching through pictures. Deciding what to share. I really like the light in this photo, even though the flowers are past their peak:
fading foxglove

Still taking photos for the June challenge. Hope you are too.