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December 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

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It has been a busy week.  I feel remiss that I haven’t written a post since Sunday.  I have cool post ideas rambling around in my head but they haven’t quite come to fruition yet.  Ever have that feeling?  I still wanted to share a little bit tonight, because tomorrow will be a busy day too.

Did you ever notice that rhododendrons work as thermometers?  Really, it’s true!  I’m pretty sure we can all remember what our rhododendrons look like in the spring when they are gorgeous and bursting with flowers (I was going to show you a picture, of course, but I couldn’t find a decent one in my archives!  Really, Karen? Weird! I know!)

At this time of year, I know it is a morning that we need to bundle up when I look out the front window and see this:

Can you see how tightly those leaves are curled up?  I’ve noticed they seem to do this when the temperature is below freezing.  This morning was one of the coldest we’ve had so far this season at about 10 degrees F and those leaves were sucked in so tight they looked like pine needles.  It was still too dark out for me to get a good picture though.

Speaking of cold, our friend Scott Thomas is buried in about 4 feet of Lake Effect snow these days.  Scott also recently posted a long term photo assignment that I think will be a lot of fun.  If you haven’t gotten over there to check it out, go see!  Scott has promised to send email reminders to those of us who’d like to participate and leave him a comment.

 Mr. Rebel or Andre or EWOT or whatever his name is, is anxious to be introduced to this white phenomena so many bloggers seem to be talking about and taking pictures of.  He sits in his case near-by the computer, complaining to be used as usual, but he will have to wait for snow.  I’ve been mollifying him with Christmas tree pictures.

I have others, with a story to share, coming soon. 

Ms. Sell, over at the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, who always has a great story to share, did a post sharing her ideas for planning those family meals and getting out of the dreaded rut.  She’s got some easy ideas and shares a recipe too!  Thanks, Gerry, for contributing.  I think some of your ideas may make my New Year’s resolution  binder.  You might want to check out today’s post as well where we learn that Miss Sadie and the Cowboy have been immortalized in print!

I hope this busy holiday season finds you well and not too crazy.  Better make sure  you aren’t suffering from FGEEKD!  Time to go relax with a glass of wine (or whatever floats your particular boat).  I promise my next post will be less disjointed.