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August 31, 2012

Ends of the Earth Photo Hunt

Today is the due date for this month’s photo hunt with the theme “Ends of the Earth”.  I just finished my own photo-taking yesterday, so here I am creating my post on the due date.  It was back-to-school week here, so it has been busy, but I have just started taking peeks at the photo hunts that have been submitted so far.  If I haven’t been over to see yours yet, don’t fret – I will definitely be coming around to see them this weekend, and I hope to have a wrap-up  post completed before the long weekend is over.

You may remember back when I first announced this photo hunt that I mentioned that Provincetown, Massachusetts is the place that I’ve always considered to be “the end of the earth”.  If you are unfamiliar with P-town, it is the town at the very tip of Cape Cod, sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean:

I haven’t been back to Provincetown since I bought my Rebel, but I found a few shots that can help give you that end of the earth feeling in my archives.  A spit of land like this ( did you know this was actually the first landing place of the Pilgrims in 1620, not Plymouth, Ma, as many think of it to be?) needs lighthouses and Provincetown has a couple.

Long Point Lighthouse

Long Point Lighthouse

Race Point Lighthouse

Race Point Lighthouse

I remember wondering once if I could travel east along a line of latitude from Provincetown, what country would be the next land that I would encounter.  In my mind’s eye, I thought England or France.  I was very surprised to find out it would actually be Spain.  Hence the title of this photo looking east across the huge sand dunes of Provincetown:

Next Stop to the East? Spain!
“Next stop, Spain!”

Since this was a photo hunt, I was not content to hunt only in my archives.  While I was on vacation in Maine, I took some photos on a cloudy day of another place that could be an end of the earth.  The beach that we visit has a set of breakwaters that contain deep water for entry into a small harbor.


I’ve climbed these rocks since I was a child, and there is a certain feeling of isolation and end of the earth here.

I didn’t want to leave out the other possibility I mentioned for photo hunting in the original post – extremes.  The place that I live in doesn’t have much in the way of extremes, but I’ve always thought the top of our little mountain here in town was a very pretty place.  Our highest elevation is only 910 feet, but it made for pretty pictures as the sun began to go down.


These shots were taken on Peak Road here in town – apropos, no?


I hope you had fun with this month’s photo hunt.  I’m looking forward to coming around and seeing your posts this weekend.  I hope you get to enjoy the 3-day Labor Day weekend.

July 24, 2012

Photo Hunt Inspiration and Early Announcement

Provincetown Harbor

I wasn’t even sure I was going to do a photo hunt for August, when WHAM, inspiration struck.  I know it isn’t August yet, but this post needed to be written while the inspiration was with me, and I started thinking that a little heads up on this one could probably be helpful.

Let me back up and explain my inspiration.  I was over at Dawn’s blog this morning and I read this post.  She referred to Point Pelee in Canada as “the end of the earth.”  I immediately thought of the area that I have always thought of as “the end of the earth” – Provincetown, Massachuesetts.  It is the very tip of Cape Cod sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean.  That got me thinking about geography and whether there is a place that other people consider “the end of the earth” and wouldn’t that be a cool thing for a photo hunt?

Sure it would, but that might not make it easy for a lot of folks to participate in a photo hunt – and that of course is what I like best about photo hunts, having lots of participation.  So how could I tweak this “end of the earth” idea to fit a photo hunt?

Here’s what I’ve come up with.  Show me the place that is “the end of the earth” for you OR show me some of the “extremes” of your city, town, area, state, province or favorite vacation spot.  Take a photo at the highest spot, the lowest spot, the northernmost, southernmost, westernmost or easternmost point.  If you can think of another “extreme” that I haven’t included here, please share it in the comments.  You choose how many photos you would like to share.

Because of the nature of this assignment and the fact that you may have already traveled to somewhere that you’d like to feature for your photo hunt, please feel free to use archived photos for your post.  Assignment due date will be the very end of August, Friday the 31st.  As usual, leave me the link to your post in the comments of this post. I should be able to get the round up posted over Labor Day weekend.

I’d love to have lots of participation in this assignment, so if you’d do me the favor of helping to spread the word I’d be very appreciative!

June 16, 2010

Weekend at the Edge of the World

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Hubby and I have had a nice tradition for virtually every year since we’ve been married; we go away for the weekend for our anniversary, just the two of us.  It has always been somewhere within driving distance of our home and within view of the ocean.  Usually we’ve gone to Maine or Cape Cod, and once or twice Cape Ann.  As I may have mentioned before, my mom moved to the Cape about 7 years ago; that makes it quite convenient for us to leave our girls with their grandmother for the weekend and head to a beachfront hotel on our own.  The past few years, I have been able to find very nice, affordable oceanfront  lodging in the small town of Truro, MA.  This year, we stayed at the Top Mast Resort.  This was the view from our room:

And looking up the beach the other way:

I called this post Weekend at the “Edge of the World” because I have a memory of a friend of my mother’s from my childhood saying, “Take me to the edge of the world!” when they went away for a girls’ weekend at the Cape.  The edge of the world, from their point of view was Provincetown, MA, even more specifically Race Point:

This is Provincetown Harbor as seen from Pilgrim Monument; the spit of land to the mid-right of the shot is Race Point.  I tried walking out to the lighthouse there last year on my visit but,

it felt a lot like that scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they keep showing the knights trying to approach the castle but they never get any closer.  Hubby and I had been walking for a long time on one of my wild goose chases, as he likes to call it, (photo adventures is my preferred term – check comment #1 for an explanation!) and we just didn’t have the steam to continue.  But enough about last year!

Due to a pretty lousy week for hubby and me, our anniversary weekend away this year became more about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company at the beach.  No big hiking or biking expeditions or photo adventures.  We  lounged on our balcony while the weather allowed:

Fantasized about what it would be like to own beach property like this:

Breathed in ocean air and watched the birds fly by:

Wait a second!  Birds? On my small LCD screen while quickly grabbing this lucky shot, I thought I had maybe taken a picture of some white geese or some other sea fowl when I saw those long necks.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at this picture on my computer and discovered they were swans!  Not as impressive as Brian’s swans  or as playful as Tracy’s, but swans none-the-less!

In addition to lounging on our balcony, we did travel to the bustling Commerical Street in Provincetown where we shopped for souvenirs for our girls, bought comfy sweats at Cuffy’s, had some good meals, and took pictures for Kathy’s photo playdate.  I also met up with a witch doctor ( I think!):

and admired some stunning roses:

(Gee, I’m feeling a bit here like I might have almost completed Scott’s next photo assignment, which he hasn’t even officially assigned yet!  Not to worry, I’ll happily do more when the  assignment is official!)

Oh, I said in my last post that I’d talk more about dogs!  Provincetown is a very dog friendly town.  People walk their dogs everywhere in P-town. (I was not blog-thinking enough to grab some shots of some of the wide variety of pooches that I saw this weekend).  In addition to dog bakeries, Provincetown also features shops where you can buy virtually anything for your dog and for dog lovers, as well as one of the nicest dog parks I’ve ever seen:

One of many sweet sentiments engraved on the walkway into the Bark Park:

Provincetown, or the Edge of the World, is a place known for its creativity, diversity, and artistry.  Provincetown, for me, is a place known for my weekend of anniversity? LOL, I tried!

June 13, 2010

Funny Food Places in P-Town

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One of the many fun blogs I’ve started reading fairly regularly, thanks to Scott Thomas, is Kathy’s Lake Superior Spirit.  A little while back, her friend Suzi asked her to have a photo “playdate,” ( I think that is what they called it), and they took pictures of interesting food labels.  Suzi recently suggested another playdate, and the subject was to be “Funny Food Places” –  interpret as you will. Kathy just posted her funny food, which focused on a type of food with a funny name – “pasties.”  Apparently this is food they “wean their babies on” in Michigan!  I mentioned in a comment to Kathy that the word has a completely different meaning here in New England, and is pronounced with a long “a” rather than the short “a”, as was explained to me in a follow-up comment.  Made Kathy’s funny food all that much funnier to me!   Kathy invited other bloggers to participate in their playdate, so I jumped in. 

As luck would have it, I traveled to a place this weekend that is known for its creativity, Provincetown, MA, and was not disappointed in my search for funny food places.  I’ll do another post about my 18th anniversary weekend on Cape Cod with dear hubby (today is our actual day, Happy Anniversary Honey!) soon, but I wanted to get these playdate pictures posted.

I found these food places funny for different reasons – like  funny names or funny combinations of food or even funny signs.  Here’s the first that caught my eye:

The Pig!  Yet, it had “Oyster Bar” posted underneath, hmmmm.


There’s Burger King, why not Burger Queen, right? If you know P-town at all, you get the meaning of this one even more.


This one struck me funny  not only with the creativity of the twisty soft-serve ice cream, but it makes me remember the hair band of the same name in the 1980’s.  Who could forget Dee Snider?


Ha, ha!  John Dough’s!  And they serve pizza!  Get it?  Ahem, eh, moving on…

The name of this one wasn’t so funny, but I thought the food combination was kinda funny: pizza, coffee and specifically Haagendazs ice cream.  (Haagendazs, if you happen to click over to find out why someone linked to your site, coupons for free pints would be warmly received!)


This one is just fun to say!  Try it!  “Bubala’s by the Bay…” And their sign was pretty cool too!


“Mr. Mojo risin’, gotta a mojo risin …”


Look at that puppy!  He’s wired, for sure!  You can get wired here not just with the coffee and tea, but free wi-fi as well.

While we’re talking about puppies, you’ll find stores in P-town especially for your 4-legged friends, including this bakery of canine delights:

P-town in general is very dog-friendly place.  I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming post.  But, to wrap things up, I saw one more sign that tickled my funny bone, and just about tells you all you need to know:

Needless to say, I enjoyed much good food this past weekend, and had a lot of fun searching out the funny food places.  Kathy, I hope you enjoyed this and will invite me on another photographic playdate sometime!