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August 19, 2014

Summer is Slipping Away

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ACK! Everywhere I turn, I find reminders that summer nearly over. I’m in the single digits of days left to enjoy in that carefree, summerlike way. Meghan moves back to college on Sunday, I return to work on Monday, Sarah begins her senior year of high school a week from tomorrow. As if I needed one more reminder, yesterday, day 60 of summer, we picked up the proofs for Sarah’s senior portraits.
Senior portraits
This is a sample of the 30 or so shots that I have to choose from.

Today, day 61 of summer, is a day of errands and chores, blah, blah, blah. Here have a pretty butterfly that I saw on my butterfly bush instead!
Tiger swallowtail

You didn’t want to see pictures of housework anyway, did you?

September 17, 2010

New Assignment at Scott’s Place

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Scott Thomas recently announced his latest photo assignment over at his blog: Portraiture.  The requirements are that it has to be a human (sorry Teddy and Daphne!) and that you explain how you do it.  This is an area in which I’d certainly like to improve.  For example:

Here’s my darlin’ girls right after getting haircuts- they wanted pictures for their Facebook profiles, so coaxing this impromptu photo session wasn’t too difficult.  We discovered quickly that they needed to get under our deck umbrella.  The bright sunshine was bleaching out their faces and making them squint.  The shot above was taken under the umbrella, but their eyes aren’t as wide open as I’d like.

I love the soft, glowing look of evening light. 

(oops, Maine snuck into my blog post once again!)  I’d love to be able to take advantage of this beautiful time of day for Scott’s assignment.  I wonder what the chances are that I’ll get nice weather with pretty light and a not-too-busy teenager in a good mood all at one time before September 29th? ( That’s Scott’s due date)   I’m thinking about the same that the Red Sox make it to the World Series this year!  😦