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August 10, 2010

A Walk in the Woods, and Down Memory Lane

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After reading two of  Kathy’s recent posts, I decided it was time to try a little different walk with the dogs.  As I’ve mentioned before, I usually walk around local sidewalks.  I worry about picking up after the dogs and running into aggressive dogs, often untended in their yards.  I wanted to take a walk like we used to when we were kids, in the woods along the huge, high voltage powerlines and fire roads.  There was something fascinating about the sizzling of those lines in the quiet of the woods when I was a kid.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty much a townie so I headed out today not really knowing where I was going, but not really caring; I have decent sense of direction here in town and wasn’t worried about getting lost.  I did, however, lament that I’d forgotten my camera.  Exploring a different walk and I left it at home!  What kind of photographer/blogger am I?  (I’ll share some oldies but goodies with you today to make up for it!)

When we were kids, Jennifer, Renae and I often wandered the many paths into the woods around the street where we grew up.

(L to R: Karen, Renae, Jennifer circa 1986)

A farmer owned lands on one side of the street, behind all the houses.  Further down the road, close to Renae’s house, was the entrance to the powerlines.  I loved walking those paths listening to the crackle high above.  If you walked the powerline paths long enough, you came out to another farmer’s lands, not far from where I live today.

(Farm house close to where I walked today)

  A good portion of those lands, like so many farmers’ lands in this town, have been sold to developers building houses and condos.  Despite the hum of construction equipment, Daphne, Teddy and I carefully strode past the machinery in search of the powerline paths.  We walked past the cornfields that were still there, and at the top of the hill, the fireroads were still there as well.  I hesitated, deciding which direction to turn.  To the left would surely bring me close to the paths of my childhood.  I decided against that direction for fear that Daphne would decide she’d had enough somewhere along the way and I’d be too far from home to attempt to carry a 65 pound dog home.  I could continue, straight and over the hill.  If memory serves, it would eventually come to a wide clearing and another path back into the paths of my youth. I chose to turn to the right; although I’d never been that way before, I was certain I’d eventually arrive at a point I’d recognize that wasn’t too far from home.  I happily followed the crackle and hum of the powerlines and saw many interesting plants and wished I had my camera. (I’m thinking I need to go back, Rebel in hand).  A fierce thunderstorm rained down the night before, and the dogs happily plunged through each puddle along the way as I gingerly picked my way along side them, trying hard not to dirty up these:

Daphne and Teddy seemed especially enthralled with this new walk.  Their noses happily took in every new smell on the woodsy path.  Dragonflies the size of small helicopters buzzed up in front of us.  A couple times during the walk, the path would branch and I had to make a choice; I didn’t really worry about being lost though.  I just chose the one that seemed it would head back in the general direction of home. 

While we walked and the dogs sniffed, I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood and those walks with Jennifer, Renae, and often my dad and our dog, Myrtle.

(Myrtle and me, circa 1981)

My train of thought, which often follows wild and circuitous tracks, continued from the walks in the woods to family vacations. Okay, perhaps this isn’t so far off track (or beaten path, choose your metaphor, I think either is appropriate here).  My family and I will leave for our 1-week vacation this upcoming Saturday, and we will travel to the same beach that my parents took Jennifer and me (and often Renae!) to as children.

(Jennifer at the beach circa 1982)

(The cottage where we stayed; it is no longer there, sadly having been replaced by condos)

You can see that even back then I was into photography!  I had a Polaroid camera, however, and the film was quite expensive.  The shots I still have are precious few. 

My walk did eventually come out at a place that I recognized.  Our path came out behind the local soccer fields.  We walked across a cute little wooden bridge and eventually into the parking lot of the middle school, a short distance from my house – the middle school that I attended (called a Jr. High back then) and that both my girls attended (younger one still attending this fall.)  Isn’t it interesting how things come full circle?