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December 23, 2013

What has become a Christmas Tradition…

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Twas two days before Christmas
And my house is a mess.
How will it ever be ready
for dinner and guests?

Christmas cheer

I’ve not begun baking
nor cleaning just yet
but soon as I’m done blogging,
to the kitchen I’ll get.

Cedric checks the presents

The gifts have been wrapped
on that step I’m ahead
but there’s still plenty to do
before this body hits bed.

wrapping nearly done

But poor Michaela had asked,
“What about snow?
Surely you can show me
some pictures ‘fore you go!”

Teddy enjoys the snow

Especially for you,
I tromped out into the white!
A true New Englander,
It gives me no fright!


little tree in the snow

I wish you no worries
from this silly blog of mine.
I wish you Merry Christmas
and a peaceful holiday time!

Little tree at night

ETA: I may have unintentionally given the impression, I’ve realized after reading some comments, that it is still snowy here. This past weekend brought temperatures near 60 degrees F – all snow is completely gone! It is green and muddy and mushy here now.

May 22, 2013

A Plethora of Photographic Passion

Contrary to how it may seem, I really have been thinking about Scott Thomas’s current photography assignment “Your Photography Passion”. Scott posted some interesting articles concerning the subject and mentioned that there are really two ways interpret this idea: what you are passionate about photographing or representing your passions with photography. Two really different ideas, that I think could also overlap. Hmmm, a challenge if I ever heard one.

I believe the first interpretation of the idea is the simpler one for me. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I love photographing the details of nature. Flowers are usually a very congenial photography subject, and I love taking their pictures, and if at all possible, taking the pictures to a different level either literally or figuratively. Let me try to show you what I mean with some of my favorite photos from the past.
crazy poppy
sunny sunflowers (2)

More recently, I’ve become more passionate about improving my bird photography. Last year, I started attempting to keep a “life list” of the birds I’ve seen, and I’m always trying to identify the birds I may not know or get a picture of one I’ve never photographed before. I’ve been especially passionate about getting pictures of the tiniest and largest birds in my area: hummingbirds and hawks.
hummingbird edit
And I sure spend a lot of time taking bird photos on vacation too:
Blue Heron 4
snowy plover
But what if “passion” is defined as those things that we choose to find or make the time in our lives for? Of course I am passionate about my family, but I believe that is natural and not necessarily definable as a “passion” in this instance. So what else do I make the time for in my life because it is important to me?
In this sense of the word, I think dance would qualify.
Picture Fall, Day 12
I make the time for those few hours a week of exercise and socialization and learning and fun.
My garden would qualify too, I think, since it certainly isn’t a necessity in today’s world and why the heck would we gardeners go to all this trouble if we weren’t passionate about it?
I am perhaps most passionate about one of the more elusive facets of my life:
Hills Beach Mosiac
The beach and the ocean are the place where I find myself most at peace. Breathing the air and feeling the sand and the salt and the sun bring me to a special place within myself, in all likelihood, the closest I will ever find myself to a zen-like place if I am using that term correctly.

Thank you, Scott, for a very thought-provoking photo assignment!

July 1, 2012

My Own,..uh, kinda, well, sort of… Photo Hunt

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I’ve never been one for strict adherence to the rules.  Rules are more like “guidelines” especially when it comes to the photo hunt around here.  I’ve been known to bend, dance around and completely disregard the so-called “rules” I set forth in my photo hunts in the name of encouraging fun with photos.

This month, I was befuddled in even figuring out what the photo hunt would consist of.  Then some of you fine folks chimed in with some thoughts, and this month’s hunt came to be.  I set a June 30th deadline – something else I’ve never been very strict about.  Then I announced it would only be fair to allow you some more time.

So now, confession time.  I didn’t do very well taking pictures for my own photo hunt!  Was my photo hunt in the back of my mind while I took photos over the past couple weeks?  Sure.  Did I, in reality, take photos specifically for my photo hunt? Uh, no, not really!

However, I do have a collection of six new-to-you photos to share for this month’s photo hunt.  Some of the photos were even taken this month!



I’ve just returned from a lovely few days on Cape Cod.  The weather was warm, sunny and breezy.  While relaxing on the beach in South Yarmouth, I was able to gaze across Bass River to dozens of colorful para-surfers.  The warmth on my face, the just-right salty breeze and these dancing rainbows made for an extremely peaceful feeling.



When we went on our cruise back in April, I told you about the wonderful experience we had swimming with a dolphin.  In addition to the obvious pleasure of being able to be so close to one of this planet’s most endearing creatures, one of the best parts of this experience was seeing the absolutely pure, unadulterated joy on my daughters’ faces.



This photo is real rule-breaker because I didn’t even take this one (er, whoops, I didn’t take the last one either!  Hubby took that one!).  Dear friend Renae took this one at her daughter’s first communion party.  But I have a lot of maternal pride in this photo.  Sarah, for reasons unexplained, is a favorite person to younger children everywhere.  Wherever we go to spend time with friends with children younger than ours, the little ones almost immediately glom on to her.  It must be her sweet, approachable nature but I feel proud of the way accepts the children and makes them feel so very comfortable in her presence.  This photo was also taken shortly after she got her braces off, and I love the pride in her new smile.



To me, dancing on pointe is the very definition of the word “aplomb.”  Meghan exudes confidence with each step of her pointe dance.

For my bonuses this month, I actually did take photos specifically for the hunt!



Little flowers in the grass caught my attention one day.  I wondered why they appeared to be growing in the lawn, then I realized they were the little blossoms falling from my hanging plants! Duh!

a toast

Because who needs a good reason for a margarita toast?

So my dear readers, there is my rule-breaking, almost-mine, not-really-photo-hunted-unless-you-count-hunting-in-my-archives photo hunt!

Geez, I wonder what will happen in August?