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July 21, 2014

Little Adventures

Yesterday, day 31 of summer, was one of those days weather-wise that you wish could go on forever. The sun shined, the temperature was a moderate 80°, a gentle breeze on the air.  A great day, I said to myself, to take the dogs for a walk.  I hadn’t done so in quite a while and figured the dogs would be more than happy to get out to our old path.

Out our driveway and up the street…

off we go

…around the corner and past the house with the goat…

past the goat

…plowing through the tall grass at the edge of the parking lot for the soccer fields…

plowing through

… and entering the preserved farm lands of (really and for true!) Old MacDonald.

Alton's way

We followed the path as though it hadn’t been months since we’d last been there…

the path

…and arrived at Daphne’s favorite stopping spot, the little brook…

Daphne's favorite spot

…that runs from a quiet swamp.

peek into swamp

Perhaps not too quiet: red-winged blackbirds and cicadas regularly call out from this place.

Black-eyed susans were in bloom every where I looked. The dogs must have been thinking, doesn’t she have enough pictures of those things? But they patiently waited for the sound of the shutter before moving along again.
black eyed susans

Although by the 4th or 5th time I stopped near bunches of them, Teddy was starting to push his nose into stems, sure that there must be something far more interesting that was getting all this attention.

Upon my return, my girls had an idea for another little adventure: frozen yogurt at one of the seemingly many new places that have popped up around here. Who was I to say no to a fabulous idea like this?

March 27, 2011

Infinite Dreams

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The photo assignment this week for Picture Inspiration was “infinity and beyond.”  We were supposed to find a pattern that repeats and use a diagonal line to suggest the pattern repeats infinitely.  For my infinity, I bring you back to the power lines of my walks.  The snow has melted enough to allow the dogs and I to go back into the woods for our excursions, so I snapped these shots today.  The powerlines, which I’ve mentioned before, bring me back to my youth as I marvelled at their huge size and listened to their crackle and hum. 

Youth… a time of dreams. Dreams of the future.  Funny dreams. Scary dreams.  Dreams of monsters that look like powerlines… or is that powerlines that look like monsters?


I commented to my husband today that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy both recently turned  80 years  old.  “Does that seem possible?” I asked him.  “They made their tv show”…he began.. “In the 60’s,” I finished.  “Yeah, 50 years ago!” he exclaimed.  Oh.. I don’t like saying the 60’s were 50 years ago!  Good thing I was born at the very end of them I mused.

Dreams.  Where do they go when they don’t come true?


Daphne and Teddy don’t worry about these things.  They just say “C’mon, Mom!  Let’s  run happily through this stream crossing our path!”

Where will the path take us?