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November 11, 2013

November is trying, but not really winning any points with me today

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A moment of pretty….
last color


…discovered while dealing with the ugly….

Raking leaves today. That photo above shows but a fraction of the 4 giant tarploads of leaves I’ve hauled out of my front yard today from the dreadful sycamore tree. I really dislike that tree this time of year! I mean really, look at the size of these leaves:

Obnoxious leaf

And there is exactly 9,786,584,001 of them! I counted! 😉

November 9, 2013

Just wanted to share…

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One evening this week I was taken aback by the beautiful light and color I saw in the sky.  After running an errand to the grocery store, on what had been an unremarkable, cloudy sort of day, I saw the trees across the street from the store lit up by a gorgeous light, but the light was almost “cut off” at the top if you can imagine what I mean.  Looking toward the west, a dark cloud cut a horizontal line across the sky, but the great, golden orb of the sun was sinking just below that line.  I admired the amazing, golden color before me as I drove home from the market and hoped there would still be some nice color for me to photograph when I got home.

When I got home, color had changed but it was still beautiful.  Surrounded as I am by the things of suburbia, I have no clear view of sunset and the horizon, but I was able to capture these shots.  I haven’t adjusted anything in Photoshop; these are SOOC using my 50mm 1.8 lens.






I’ve never been a big fan of November: no leaves, no flowers, No-vember; however, this colorful sky was a lovely exception to a normally colorless month!

November 24, 2012

November Chill

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Here I am today, wishing to reach out to you.

The Thanksgiving feast with extended family is over.  Leftovers are not found in my fridge.

After relative warmth for the past few days, a distinct chill has settled in to the air.  My thermometer claims 40°F, but I find it difficult to believe.  A wind that chills my bones makes me think otherwise.
a chill in the air

Can you feel it too?

I’m on my own this chilly afternoon.  Husband has returned to work, daughters both visiting with friends.  Why does my phone remain quiet, I ask myself.  No friendly texts or emails to say hello?  Hmmm, perhaps I should be making better use of this time.  No one asking me for anything, requiring anything of me.  Jump in the car, go do something, take pictures!

But then I remember the chill, and I remain.
rogue snowflake

Was that a snowflake alight on my collie’s back?  It’s surely poorly focused here, but that is indeed what it was.

In addition to the chill in the air and in my bones, a certain coolness is seeping into my thoughts as well.  Kathy has published a post today that has me pondering.  I challenge you to go and read it too, and not find yourself questioning and thinking.

afternoon light

Just what was my blogging muse hoping to say today?  I’m not sure that I know.

Currently playing in my head:

November 4, 2012

Falling Back

How are you spending your extra hour created by the end of Daylight Savings Time?  Many times in the past I’ve slept it away, which is what my younger daughter and husband are currently doing.  I found myself hungry and ready to get out of bed at my normal “DST” time, so it is 9:00 am on a Sunday morning and I’ve already found myself sitting here at the computer for quite a while.

I’ve been going through my photo archives with this extra hour.  My original purpose in doing so was to take advantage of some offers I’ve received from Snapfish, the photo printing website that I usually use.  What I’ve ended up doing is reminiscing about some of my favorite times of this year.

Cape Cod Sunset

November is a tough month in which to find beauty.   “No leaves, No flowers, No-vember”

sparkly butterfly bushes

We had a frost this morning, and I turned the heat on this morning to take the chill off the house.

Hills Beach sand

Halloween is over.  Thanksgiving will be here in the blink of an eye.  Christmas decorations are in the stores.  I even heard a couple of Christmas songs while I was shopping yesterday.

Kennebunkport Harbor

I know I can’t live in the past, but I’m still not ready to let the cold weather and the holidays have their way!  While I sit here typing this blog post, were it not for brown leaves and bare branches, I could almost believe that winter is not just around the corner.

fiery leaves

Tell me in the comments, what did you do with your “extra” hour?  Are you welcoming the return of the holiday hustle and bustle?  What do you do to get through the dreary days of November?

November 7, 2010

Rebel with a Cause

As I mentioned the other day, Camera has been speaking up lately about his desire to be set free from his case.  I told him that it is really November’s fault; there just isn’t much about this month that makes me want to take pictures.  The gorgeous flowers of summer are gone, the brightest of foliage has passed, the frivolity of Halloween over for another year.  I find the “brown” of this month uninspiring.  Camera didn’t care and wasn’t taking any of that for an excuse. 

 I was getting ready to take the dogs for a walk in the woods yesterday since the rain had stopped and the sun came out and the temperature outside was reasonable.  The leashes are stored in the same room as Camera.  He knew what I was up to, and insisted on coming along.

“Camera,” I said, “there isn’t going to be much out there worth shooting.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” Camera responded.

“But Camera,” I explained, “no one is coming with me on the walk but Daphne and Teddy, so there won’t be anyone to hold the leashes while I take a picture.”

“Nonsense,” scoffed Camera, “you know me now.  You can handle both the dogs and me!”

“I don’t know…” I hesitated.

“I do,”  Camera insisted, “Now let’s take that walk.”  And so we did.  Camera was right and wrong.  Some of the shots didn’t have the focus I would have liked, probably due to a last minute tug at the leash as the shutter was pushed.  But we did find a few interesting things to take pictures of, despite November.


Shadows ready to head out on their walk


Our path along the powerlines in the woods


Yellow and…


… red unknown berries, providing some late color


Puddles along the path after a couple days of rain


Nosy dogs trying to reach the swamp along the side of the path


Late afternoon sunshine, brightening the walk  home.

“Okay, Camera, we did get a few nice shots.  I promise to try not to let November discourage me from using you.”

“Thank you,” said Camera, “And you’re welcome.”

See, it has got to be a male camera – so smug about being right!  😉