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February 1, 2014

Musings on a New Month

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February 1st. I think many of us are quite happy January is over. Unless you are a reader from more tropical zones or the southern hemisphere (Hi Joanne!) I’d say the words that best sum up January are “freakin’ brrrrrrr!”

As a friend so eloquently posted on my Facebook timeline:

We were treated temperatures above 40 degrees F today, so that was a nice change. Rumors are we could see 50 tomorrow! Woo-to-the-hoo!

Oh, I finished the taxes and the FAFSA today. Accomplishment!!
Tax time

February. What else. Meghan’s 19th birthday will be arriving at the end of this month. How very strange it will be not to have her home on this day.

After a conversation with friends at a little get together last weekend, I’ve been experimenting with smoothies. Remember when I told you I’m trying to get close to 100 grams of protein daily? I’ve started adding vanilla-flavored whey protein to a couple things. I’m putting it in oatmeal for breakfast (quite yummy actually) and a scoop goes into the smoothie along with yogurt, ice, milk, and whatever fruit I have handy. Last night I snuck a few leaves of spinach into it and offered to share with Sarah. She never even suspected the spinach was in there.
Smoothie glass
Would have been prettier if I’d thought to take the picture before I drank the smoothie…

Speaking of Sarah, here’s a funny snippet of conversation we had this week:
Sarah: Mom, when is the Super Bowl?
Me: This Sunday, why? (Sarah is NOT a football fan)
Sarah: Oh does that mean junk food????

Last year, all 4 of us were home for Super Bowl Sunday. Hubby had the day off from work and Meghan didn’t have plans to be out with the boyfriend. This year it will just be Sarah and me. We are not big football people, and could care less about the two teams playing this year (my apologies if any Seattle fans are reading. No apologies for Denver fans, however, because if you are from New England it is pretty much required that you not like Peyton Manning.) but Super Bowl seems like a good excuse to eat in the living room, have nachos and chicken fingers (buffalo flavored for me!), and watch some funny commercials.

Good football watching!

I’m still hoping to get re-inspired for photography again soon. I’m seeing some good ideas around the blogosphere and I thank those blogging friends for the thoughts. Mike of Picture Day shared his list of photo projects recently. And Amy of PlainMama referenced an interesting sounding photo group on Flickr: The Hours.
If anyone else has some good ideas for getting out of a photo slump, I’d love to hear about them.

November 21, 2010

Musings on a Weekend

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It’s been an interesting weekend.  I’m always grateful for the weekend, but something about this past week of work made it seem extraodinarily long.  My co-workers had the same feelings.  Anyone else’s workplace feel this way this past week?  Our theory is that we are all so focused on the short week and the holiday next week (well, really this week as of my writing) that it made last week seem extremely long in comparison.  The thing I am most grateful for on the weekend is being able to get up when I want to get up rather than when the alarm clock says I have to.

Saturday started out with a family trip for a planned-on event:

We stocked up on candy and popcorn (mmmm, nutritious lunch!  What good mom I am, LOL!) and enjoyed the first matinee of the day, which thankfully wasn’t overly crowded.  We can’t wait for part 2 next summer.

Then we were off on a mission.  Meghan needed a dress for her school’s upcoming semi-formal and I needed to get my hands on some newly discovered Hot Apple Cider K-cups!  We were successful on both counts.


My verdict on the K-cups?  Tasty  for sure.  Better than mulling it yourself? No, but not bad for a quick warm-up afternoon treat.  Also not bad with a shot of this added to it:

This morning’s sleep-late time was woefully disturbed by a multitude of thoughts churning through my brain: Thanksgiving is this week!  Got to remember to buy ingredients for the things I’m making to bring to my sister’s house when I go grocery shopping today.  What the heck else are we eating for dinner the rest of this week?  Hmm, Meghan won’t be home for dinner a couple times this week.  Oh yeah, that powderpuff football game she wants to go to is this week.  Are we going to let the boyfriend drive her there?  What about the semi?……..

Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Luckily, I have a very level-headed husband with whom I can talk these things through.  We haven’t figured everything on my worry-about-it list out, but we’ve made some headway.  While I was grocery shopping, I remembered to finally buy some birdseed to fill my long-empty feeder.


I wanted to remember to fill it so I’ll hopefully have some birds to look at when there isn’t much else to see outside.  It is right outside the window of the room where I’m sitting right now, writing this blog.  Can you see the light in the window?  I’m under it right now!  Hi there! 😉

My feeder is supposed to be “squirrel-proof” – I don’t know if such a thing truly exists.  They are industrious critters.  In an attempt to appease the squirrels away from my bird feeder, I put some cereal that I don’t like in a much more squirrel-accessible feeder:

I’ll let you know how it works.  At the very least, perhaps it will provide some amusing, acrobatic squirrel pictures.

While we were driving home from our mission on the Mass Turnpike yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that I did not have my camera with me and, even if I did, composing shots of a beautiful full moon rising while driving 65+ MPH is probably frowned upon by Massachusetts State Troopers.  The sky around it was gorgeous, as well as the lack of cluttered surrounding on the highway.  I also drove by some Oreo cows that I’ve been wanting to photograph ever since Andre became a part of my life.  (In my world, Oreo cow = belted galloway .  I find this breed of cow highly amusing and adorable).  My family giggled as I whined, “Oreo cows and a full moon and me without my camera!”  I’m going outside now to see if there is any sign of that lovely moon visible tonight.  This has to be one of the strangest paragraphs ever blogged.  But my family understands, and I love them for it!

November 3, 2010

Are you tired of Halloween? No? Okay good!

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After almost a full month of blogging every day with my photography class, I felt a bit remiss that I hadn’t posted anything for the first two days of the month.  Kathy was talking yesterday about how sometimes we have the urge to blog even when we don’t have anything particular to say.  That’s how I’m feeling today.  While I was scrolling through my archives of pictures yesterday for another project, it occured to me that I hadn’t shared the girls’ Halloween costumes from the “week of Halloween” at the dance studio for which I had helped them come up with costumes.  Aha! Blog fodder!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The camera has been restless for a few days.  I can hear it calling to me from its bag:

 “Karen, aren’t you going to take some pictures today?” 

 “Camera,” I reply, “you know I’d love to, but it is November!  November is not a particularly photogenic month in these parts.” 

“I know not of what you speak,” answers Camera,”It is dark in this bag and I would like out.  Now, let’s get going please.  Or else!”

“Or else what?” I challenge.

“Or else, you don’t want to know!” Camera mysteriously replies.

Camera is right, of course.  I think another photography adventure is in order – soon!

Did I ever tell you about the little adventure  involved in getting this photo for Scott Thomas’s “Hometown” assignment?