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June 24, 2014

Summer Morning

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Today’s theme, for Summer Day 5, is “Appreciating Morning”. I’m generally the first one up in my house, and I have come to appreciate that morning time as my quiet time to myself. When in school, I was up each school day at 5:45 am. Now that I can get up when I feel like it, I am still usually up no later than 7:00. Today was a gloriously beautiful morning – about 70 degrees and a cloudless sky -and my deck was just begging me to head outside with a cup of coffee, so I did.
Morning coffee

While I soaked up some vitamin D and enjoyed my java, I took notice of the pretty light and that the flower containers I planted this year were actually looking pretty nice.
trailing from flower box

sweet william

mini dahlia

I even liked the way my newly painted purple toenails looked in the morning light!
purple pedi

August 8, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

It is funny sometimes how blog posts come to be.  I realized yesterday that I hadn’t updated about my proposed birding project despite the fact that I have indeed been doing a bit of work on it.  But then, I never want to post a blog post without pictures, and I didn’t have any new bird photos to share.  It was still fairly early in the morning – yeah, 9 am is early for me in the summertime, got something to say about that? 😉 – so I went out to the backyard to see if any birds would cooperate and pose a little bit.

You know what they say about sometimes forgetting to see the forest for the trees?  While I was outside trying for those bird photos, it suddenly struck me that I was doing that.  Yesterday was one of those beautiful mornings – sunny, blue sky with just a few puffy white clouds, low humidity, temperature only in the upper 60’s.  I stepped back a little bit to breathe and take it all in.  I was getting a little dizzy from looking up into the trees and trying to focus on the fast-flitting birds.

When I took the time to be in the moment, I also noticed the cool feel of the morning dew on my toes,

dewy toes

that the moon was out,

morning moon

that the lantana was coming back for a second round of blooming,


and that the squirrel that has been vigorously picking acorns and knocking them out of my oak tree was up to some morning acrobatics.


So did I get any new bird photos to share?  Yes and no.  I saw the bright orange flash of the Baltimore orioles near the tip-top of a tree, but this underside of the belly and tail was the best I could catch:

baltimore oriole

A bird I’ve photographed plenty of times before, an American robin, stayed fairly close for a photo.


A gray catbird also posed for me.  The only photo I’d ever gotten in the past of this bird was hidden among branches and badly blurred.

gray catbird

And I was able to add a photo of a bird that I’ve seen before but hadn’t been positive about identifying and had no photos of one in my collection, a northern mockingbird.  This bird was at the top of a very tall tree, so this is very tightly cropped, but I think it came out okay:

northern mockingbird

So, progress on the birding project: I have a “confirmed” life list of 59 species of birds.  This does not include many birds I’ve seen in captivity such as parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, flamigoes and penguins.  I’m never likely to see those birds “in the wild” so my list would be well over 60 if those were included.  I’ll definitely be bringing my checklist with me to Maine in the hopes of adding a few more “lifers”.

I hope you’ll remember to step back and enjoy a few beautiful moments too.  Summer is quickly passing us by – enjoy it!

March 7, 2012


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As I stepped out of the shower this morning, I was surprised by the sound I heard outside the closed-tight window.  It sounded almost like a strong wind, which I thought strange since I knew a mild day was forecast.  The end of my shower coincided with the official sunrise time for my area, 6:14 am today, and I peered through the blinds to see if the trees appeared to be swaying to-and-fro.  Barely a rustle of the branches was visible.

Still quite curious about the sound I was hearing, I quickly toweled off and dressed and went out to the sliding glass door to the deck for further investigation.  The large group of blackbirds that distracted me from my chores recently, appeared to have taken roost in the trees of the neighbors’ properties.

Once again, my lens was not powerful enough to allow me to see what type of birds these were, but I’m going to assume they were grackles and red-winged blackbirds like the last time.  I was so astounded that a group of birds (many more than are pictured here) was able to make enough sound for me to hear through my closed bathroom window, I decided to try to record it for you with the video camera on my iPod:

Any birders out there able to confirm the identity of the blackbirds from the song?

Whatever type of bird they were, I can’t help but think it is a sign of spring to hear birds greeting the dawn! 🙂

ETA: Wow!  The amount of birds I saw this morning was NOTHING compared to what I just saw as I was driving my daughter to dance class!  I pulled over into a parking lot and took this little video because I was having trouble believing the amount of birds that were in front of my eyes.  Sorry about the quality of the video since the sun has just set, but you’ll get the idea!

October 4, 2010

Morning Light – Picture Fall, day 4

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I was wondering how this photography class might work out for me on days when I was quite busy.  I didn’t get to read email today until lunch time, but ended up finding it quite serendipitous that today’s photo prompt was Morning Light.  This past Saturday morning, I got up to let the dogs out and make my coffee.  Upon opening the door for Daphne and Teddy, I was taken by the gorgeous morning light.  Coffee forgotten, I ran for my camera.  The leaves that I was having trouble photographing for day one of picture fall were suddenly sparkling and beautiful.  My new mums were glorious with the previous day’s rain drops and golden sunshine.  And rising from my sodden, wooden, backyard fence, billows of evaporating steam lit up by the sun.  Our instructor said to find something that whispers the reassurance needed to ease into the day ahead.  I was ready for a wonderful day when I started it off photographing the beauty that nature had to offer me Saturday morning.  And on a day that hasn’t been quite so long and draining, (I will spare you the tedious details) I will share with you some of the other photos I took that morning that made me so happy.

I’ve got another song to go with my post today.  I promise it isn’t annoying like the one I shared in the “Jelly” post.  It is a song from my childhood which popped into my head while I was writing this post.  Music from my childhood and teenage years plays prominently in my thoughts on a fairly regular basis, so I thought I’d share some with you from time to time, when it seems to fit, as I’ve done in a few other posts.