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July 18, 2015

Six Photos, Six Days, Day 3


“Harold, why are we stopping here? Are you sure this is even a pond?”

“Yes, dear, of course dear.”

“But Harold, this pond has such hard edges, and I’m pretty sure there is a human stalking us!”

“Yes, dear, of course dear.”

“Harold, are you even listening to me?”

“Yes, dear, of course dear.”

“Harold? HAROLD!!! I’m going to shove that beak right into that feathered patootie of yours if you don’t start listening to me!”

“Yes, dear….ughmumph!!”

Real story
As you may remember from last year (or click here if you don’t), we had to replace our pool when the heft of the heavy snow collapsed the wall of our old one. We certainly had our share of snow again this past winter, and it took its time melting in the spring. Sometime in March, I believe, my husband decided to loosen the cord around the cover of the pool to allow it to relieve some strain from the weight of the snow. As it melted and became more icky, he decided at the end of April to remove the cover in an attempt to keep the goo from falling into the water. I was dubious about this move since late April is not a time in New England when one wants to be concerning oneself with keeping a pool clean. His decision so I let him deal with it in his way and kept my mouth shut. As May progressed, as I had predicted to myself, the pool was looking quite a bit like a pond. These ducks made regular visits through most of the month, having a swim and hanging out by their private pond. By the end of May, my husband starting taking care of it and making it more like a pool again, and the ducks didn’t return.

September 19, 2011

Crazy Talk at the Farm-o-Rama


“Hey, you know what my mama always told me?”


“Be sure to chew with your mouth open.”


“No, I’m quite sure that is not what she said.  You can believe the word of an animal with horizontal pupils.”


“Psst, psst… over here… I don’t trust anyone with horizontal pupils!”


“When someone asks How-do-you-do, just say that you don’t.”


“How do I do?  How do I do?  I’ve got egg shell stuck to my butt!  How do you think I do?”


“Could you all just keep it down?  I’m trying to sleep!”


“Well, I never!  What a rude little piglet!  I flare my nostrils in disgust!”


“Nostrils? You call them nostrils?  Check these babies out!”


“Horizontal pupils, giant nostrils and egg-butts? Beam us up Scotty, the life around here is just a little too strange.”