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October 17, 2010

Bounty – Picture Fall, day 17

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Fall is, of course, traditionally a time of harvest.  The season of bounty is celebrated.  Quite the opposite from the season we referred to when I worked at Old Sturbridge Village as “the six weeks of want” – from about mid May to the first week of July.  In the 19th century, this was the time when most of the supplies that had been preserved and put away for winter were running out, and very little was coming out of the garden yet.  I thought about going with a traditional, harvest-type picture for today’s prompt, but Cape Cod provided me with a different option:

Picture Fall, day 17

Fall, apparently, is not only the season of harvest, but the season for horsehoe crabs to molt, or at least for the results of their molting to appear on the beach.  Tangled in the seaweed, the girls and I easily collected many shells of these pre-historic looking creatures.  The instructor mentioned in her prompt that one definition of bounty is a plentiful or generous supply; the horseshoe crab shells seemed to fit the bill!