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January 16, 2013

It’s a Snow Day!

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A snow day – otherwise you normally wouldn’t be hearing from me in the middle of a Wednesday morning.

I’m kind of surprised we have the day off today. It is only a few inches of snow, but then, the forecast is saying a “wintery mix” that could cause icy conditions later in the day. Either way, I am home for the day. Maybe a good day for taking pictures for Scott’s challenge!
I have some ideas for a picture or two I’d like to get so we’ll see.

In case you didn’t already see them, a few folks did decide to try the dinner photography blog along. A common theme for all of us was forgetting to take pictures before we sat down to eat!
If you aren’t super hungry at the moment, have a look at these posts by Deb, Robin, Dawn and Michaela. My post was the one I put up this past weekend, which I think most of you already saw.
Makes you wonder, how do those food bloggers do it? I guess it is just what you do if you food blog. My sister was quite the food blogger for a while there, but she seems uninspired lately.

Speaking of food, Meghan is currently making a mess and smoking up my kitchen with a late snow-day breakfast of bacon and French toast!


Hubby is out doing what you gotta do on a snow day:

(nice pop of police orange in the middle of all that white, huh? ūüėČ )
And I am sitting here at the computer, writing a post and peeking in on all of you, wearing my sweats and slippers! Doesn’t that sound like the right thing to do for a snow day?

August 1, 2011

Big Summer Potluck from the Non-Food Blogger’s View

Last summer, my sister went to a food bloggers’¬†event called the Big Summer Potluck.¬†¬† She asked me if I wanted to go with her, since it was a 4 1/2 hour drive to Buck’s County, PA.¬† I was relatively new to blogging at the time, and definitely not a food blogger, so I declined.¬† She found a friend to accompany her and came back raving about all the wonderful food, wonderful presentations and wonderful people.¬† When she learned that the event was to take place again this year, she again asked me if I’d like to go along.¬† I hesitated at first, still not sure with not being a food blogger, but she reassured me that it would be fine since I do write a blog mostly dedicated to photography, and hey – I do¬† throw a food post out there every now and again.¬† This time, I accepted.

What was a one day event with about 40 people last year, expanded to a full weekend with about 70 people this year.  Our weekend began with our arrival at the beautful home of Three Many Cooks:

One of the nicest parts of the evening for me was finally meeting Erika of the Ivoryhut¬†in person.¬† My interaction with Erika goes back to the days of the small photo community that formed around the now seemingly defunct Shrew’s Daily Shutters¬†and when the Ivory Hut was still a little WordPress blog like mine!¬† She gave me a nice warm hug. I don’t know if it was 8 seconds or not but it definitely helped raise my seratonin levels! **wink to the BSP-ers**¬† Erika¬†and Maggy, from Three Many Cooks, were the main organizers of the event.¬† I snuck a little photo of the two¬†of them from the windows while they were having a little photo shoot¬†:


Speaking of windows, I think it is impossible to take a bad photo at this house due to all the huge windows and the amazing light.    For example, here is the appetizer spread from Friday night:

I’m having difficulty keeping all the names and faces and blogs straight of the people I met this weekend, but I am pretty sure I recognize Karen from The Peche¬†and Tracy from Sugarcrafter¬†in this shot.¬† If any other BSP-ers are reading this post and¬†find yourself in this or any of my other pictures, please leave me a comment to let me know.

Colleen from Souffle Bombay made these for Friday night:


Individual frozen chambord margaritas! LOVED!

For dinner we had chicken or veggie enchiladas:

One of several fabulous desserts was my sister’s Raspberry Mojito Sorbet!

The full day of events on Saturday took place at Linden Hill Gardens.  The morning was already warm and sunny when we arrived for breakfast:

The names that I think I have correct in this shot are Ethan from Tastes Better with Friends, Ken from Hungry Rabbit NYC, Brian from A Thought for Food and Amber from Bluebonnets & Brownies.

Our scheduled events for the day included keynote speakers Shauna Ahern, Gluten-Free Girl, who spoke about writing blogs and not being afraid of being real, and award-winning photographer Penny de los Santos, who spoke with beautiful emotion about finding the moment in photography and regaled us with amazing stories of her photography assignments.  Additionally, we had time to explore the lovely grounds of Linden Hill (I will have an entire separate post with many of my pictures from the gardens), and a chat with Pam Anderson, cook-book author and one of the Three Many Cooks and Justin Schwartz, an editor who has published many books by famous chefs.

The days’ events took place in this large barn on Linden Hill’s grounds:

We were treated to cocktails and munchies later outside the barn:

Wendi, of Bon Appetit Hon figures prominently in the middle of this shot as she seems to contemplate what she should eat next!  The next thing most of us ate was paella with chicken and sausage cooked in an enormous pan over a fire:

While we waited for dinner to finish cooking, I amused myself taking pictures of the unusual chickens in the coops behind the barn.  Unlike Brian and Ken, I chose to stay outside of the coops while taking my pictures, so the slight blur you see in these shots is from shooting through the chicken wire:



After dinner, there was more time for picture-taking and socializing before we headed back to the hotel for the evening.

For breakfast on Sunday, we were invited back to the beautiful Anderson home. After good-byes and hugs, Jennifer and I began our trek back home.

It occured to me that it was a very rare occurance for me to be west of the Berkshire Mountains, so I pulled out my camera and took a few shots as Jennifer drove, and we approached our home state:


So, my impressions as a non-food blogger at a food blogger event? Wonderful presentations Рcheck!  Wonderful people Рabsolutely.  Wonderful food Рyes, with this caveat: it was a gluten-free event, most likely due to the fact of having Shauna as our guest speaker, plus the additional gluten-free bloggers who were probably attracted by this fact.  I did feel that much of the wonderful creativity of food blogger baked goods that were raved about from last year were stifled by the gluten-free approach.  It was a kind-hearted attempt to allow everyone to partake in the food offerings, when in reality there were still people who could not nosh on many of the main foods, due to other allergies.

Am I happy that I attended?¬† For sure.¬† It was a wonderful opportunity to go to a place I’d never been,¬†meet new people, try new foods, pick up some blogging tips, spend time with my sister and take, or in Penny’s words, make¬†lots of pictures.¬† Thank you for this experience to the wonderful folks of¬†BSP2!¬† (And no this blog post is not SEO optimized, under 250 words or monetized! ūüėČ )

November 11, 2010

I am not a food blogger…

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… but, I take pictures of food.¬† Sometimes, those food pictures have become posts for recipes that I have shared with you.¬† Other times, the photos just sit there in my archives, sadly unused.¬† My sister recently came up with a name for this situation: Recipe Distraction Disorder.¬† She is a food blogger, however, so it seems somehow appropriate that she should have pictures of food all over her hard drive.¬† I sure as heck don’t fancy myself as a great cook, but I am capable of following a recipe and putting something decent to eat on the table.¬† On occasion, I have¬†made something pretty darn good.¬† Since I started this blog in April,¬† I have thought to take pictures along the way when I have been in the process of cooking something that seems interesting or different that I’ve thought folks might like to read about or try for themselves.¬† Recipe Distraction Disorder (or RDD) seems to keep me from following through.¬† For example, back in June, I took some shots of my¬†favorite grilled pizza ¬†recipe:


That’s the crust, just in from the grill


A trying-to-be-interesting shot of garlic and olive oil about to be brushed on the crust


And the finished, gooey, cheese pizza.  Did I ever share this recipe with you?  Nope.  It is now November.  How many of you would even be interested in a recipe like this at this time of year?

Check out this one, from early July:

Berry muffins of some sort.¬† No other pictures accompany this one.¬† I’m thinking they are raspberry and blueberry, due to my abundant raspberry crop this year.¬† No notes or hint of a recipe appear anywhere around them.

For this one, I actually took a picture of the recipe…

the ingredients..

and mixing up the sauce…

… but no finished product!¬† I don’t even remember what we thought of it when we ate it.

Here’s some grilled chicken.

I often grill up some chicken on the George Foreman to add to a recipe.¬† What recipe was this for?¬† Haven’t got a clue.


A lone tomato.  Maybe I was just trying to be artsy with this one.  Maybe I was creating a memory of one of my favorite parts of summer.  Maybe I was just looking for another excuse to use Andre, or Cameron, or Bob, or whatever his name is.   But technically, another picture of food.

So where the heck am I going with all this?¬† To a request from you, dear reader.¬† I get into ruts with my dinners.¬† I end up making the same old meals over and over again.¬† I want to start being more organized with my food planning.¬† I’d like to remember recipes that the family enjoys so that I can make them again, and skip the ones that were met with less-than-favorable reviews.¬† Do you plan out a week of meals at a time?¬† Do you save recipes that you really like?¬† How do you organize dinner planning?¬† Do you decide what is for dinner each day on your way home from work?¬† How many times a week do you go to the grocery store or get take-out or eat out? Do you use or read any sort of online site to help you with these things on a regular¬†basis?¬† Do you have any awesome, family-pleasing¬†recipes¬†to share with me?¬†Please tell me any or all of these things in the comments.¬† If I end up getting a lot of great ideas from you all (feel free to share links to anything you find helpful), maybe I could do a follow up post for everyone to share.¬† I’d love to have lots of people participate in this, so if there is any chance you wouldn’t mind sharing this in a blog post or tweet or Facebook post of your own, I’d really appreciate it.