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August 22, 2010

Morning Walk

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I was having trouble deciding where to get started with sharing my photos from Maine.  I actually have list written here in front of me of all the different themes or titles or subjects I could use to share different groups of pictures.  As anxious as I am to share as much as possible, I know my vacation photos won’t be as interesting to you as they are to me, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to cull down to some favorites or the ones that will help me tell a story.  I finally decided to start with how I started almost every morning of my vacation: with a walk on the beach.


This particular morning started out with fog lying over the water.  I wasn’t sure whether I’d end up getting any nice photos.  One of the great things about the place we stayed, Hills Beach in Biddeford, is the extreme fluctuation between low and high tide.  The tide was on its way out on this morning, so it made for great places to walk.


I walked a long stretch of beach, past the area where I stayed as a child, to a breakwater, still cloaked in fog, that I know very well.

This breakwater, and another across from it, create a channel into a small harbor.  The water remains deep enough, even at low tide, to be able to take a boat out to the open water.

I climbed onto and walked along the breakwater until the little harbor was in plain sight, where the fog was beginning to lift.

I was struck by the beautiful blue of the water as the sun broke through the fog.

I was delighted by what I found around the bend from this scene.  But I am not telling what it was that I found and of which I happily photographed many many pictures.  You will have to come back to this blog another day this week to find out!  (Feel free to theorize in the comments.)

After a good amount of time spent with the mystery photography subject, I turned back and headed toward the breakwater that I have hopped along since childhood – although I admit to hopping a bit more cautiously this time around with the Rebel in hand.

I stood on “my” breakwater and took comfort in the fact that there are still a few things about “my” beach that hadn’t changed.  I looked out as the remains of the fog lifted, and a sparkling day began.