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December 31, 2012

My Favorite Photos of 2012

Since I started blogging in 2010, I’ve done a wrap-up of my favorite photos of the year.  They aren’t always my more “technically” good photos, but photos I’ve come to enjoy for one reason or another.  I believe these photos have all appeared on the blog already this year, but that is because I am always anxious to share my favorites with you!  The photos that follow are in chronological order approximately one for each month of the year, but in one case I didn’t find anything I liked all that much in a month (February) and for April and July I couldn’t make up my mind between two shots, so you get them both for a baker’s dozen total.

In January, I was finally able to get a close-up shot of a Mr. Cardinal that made me happy:

In March, I felt lucky to grab this shot of a soaring hawk, with feathers strongly defined:

In April, I went on and on about one of my favorite vacations of all time, the cruise we took. Meghan and Sarah, first day on the ship and taken with my Blackberry, remains a favorite:
There were so many beautiful sights from the cruise, but I wanted to share a shot that I love for its simplicity:
The warm, turquoise Carribbean water brings me back to those precious days when there was little to worry about and happy memories were being made.

May brought me a picture of one of my favorite types of flowers, a bearded iris, that I was very pleased with how it came out. It was the header picture here on the blog until very recently:

Ah, June! The end of the school year, the start of my favorite season. Yummy raspberries are a nice representation of the many good parts of summer.
fresh raspberries

July is the month when my butterfly bushes start going wild and bring many winged visitors. This monarch was one of my best butterfly shots this year:
King of butterflies

I just love this photo of Sarah from her birthday party. Her braces had been removed and her smile was big and genuine:

As part of a photo hunt that everyone really seemed to enjoy, the “Ends of the Earth”, I took this photo in August from our little mountain here in town:

In September, my summer dreams faded away with the weather. This dahlia reminds me of the warmth of the afternoons that I continued to enjoy as long as I could:
Dahlias #2

October brought a blog-along walk over at Robin’s Life in the Bogs. I found myself doing some quiet contemplation while watching birds appear before my lens. I loved this sweet little chickadee:

I was happily surprised to have the opportunity to photograph an eastern bluebird for the first time in November. It isn’t a wonderful photo, but I was thrilled with the chance to get this picture:
Eastern bluebird

How ironic that I spent December wishing for a gentle blanket of snow to take pretty pictures in and then ended up sharing this adventure with you just yesterday! (If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead, have a peek!) I still really like this picture of my new snowman ornaments, even if I could now do without the sentiment:
"Let it Snow" 2

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that 2013 brings you good health, and paraphrasing the words of a fellow blogger, enough of what you need most.

April 28, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things…

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I’m taking a little break from the story of my cruise vacation to bring you this month’s photo hunt results.  Well, it isn’t a complete break, as you are about to see, but this isn’t an “official” cruise post.  I’ve had lots of submissions for the hunt rolling in today, and I hope to get around to seeing them all this weekend.  As usual, if you had planned to participate in the hunt and just forgot, go ahead and take the rest of the weekend to finish it up!  It isn’t likely that I’ll get the wrap-up posted before Monday night anyway.

In the blurb that I saw in the pingback when Robin posted her photo hunt, she mentioned that people aren’t technically things, when all along I had planned to use a picture of my girls in this post.  She’s right, of course, so how about smiles on my girls?

This is from the day we boarded our ship – I took this picture with my phone when my mom texted me saying that she’d love to see the looks on their faces.

Favorite food!  So hard to choose!  I love many kinds of food.  One of my dinners on board the ship was quite delicious and prompted me to take its photo, therefore it gets to be my favorite food for this post.

Lobster tail and grilled shrimp!  Yummy!

As long as I am still taunting you with vacation photos, here’s another favorite:

The sea.  I always long to be near it.  Whether it is the wild and cold Atlantic Ocean or the warm, turquoise Carribbean Sea, the smell of a salty breeze puts me in heaven.

For my other favorites, I needed to head to my archives.  To go along with that beautiful blue water, how about a lovely blue margarita?
Electric blue margarita

Margaritas are one of my favorite summertime drinks.  They aren’t always blue, depending on the ingredients I choose, but they are always delicious!

This next picture gets you a favorite sport and a favorite hobby all in one shot!
Quilt square

I made this quilt square a couple years ago for the quilt of a retiring teacher at my school.  Just so happens she loves my favorite team too.  Quilting and baseball – there’s a combination I bet you never thought you’d see.

For my final favorite, you knew I’d have to include a flower picture didn’t you?  Some of my favorites are not in bloom yet this year, so I chose a picture from last year:
bearded iris 3

I just love bearded irises.  When they are in bloom, I see them each time I pull into or out of my driveway.  Sometimes, when one of my daughters is in the car with me, I screech “IRISES” in a silly voice, just because I can’t help my silly self.

I guess this time around I can’t participate in my bonus shot, since technically my whole post is my bonus!  I’m really enjoying the favorites I’ve seen so far, and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of the posts.  Keep ’em coming!

April 1, 2012

Favorites Photography – April Photo Hunt

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Macro mosaic
Did you know it has been a year since I started creating my photo hunts?  In February of last year, I posted a link to another blog’s photo hunt.  The idea seemed popular and I was encouraged to make my own lists.  In April of 2011, I presented my first list.  I’ve struggled with finding ideas to keep it interesting over the last year.  By far the most popular hunt was October’s Idiomatic Hunt.  All who participated really stepped up with their creativity.  I’m thinking the openness of the possibilities for that hunt are what got so many of you interested, and so, I’m posting this month’s hunt with a similar openness.  I have two objectives in this month’s choice: 1) to give you a creative spark and 2) to find out more about you!

For this month’s photo hunt, please photograph at least four (more than four are most welcome) of your favorite things (and I’m not talking about brown paper packages tied up with string!)

Suggestions (but not limitations!):

  • food
  • drink
  • flower or plant
  • color
  • animal
  • vacation spot
  • hobby (other than photography or blogging!)
  • space to relax at home
  • sport

BONUS/CHALLENGE: How well do you think you know me?  How much have you been reading over the last two years?  Take a picture of something you believe to be a favorite of mine!  My archives are listed by month over to the right in a drop down menu if you need a little help! 😉

As usual, new photos are preferred, but if you have some favorite shots in your archives that you’d love to use, please feel free.  April 28th is the due date for this hunt.  Please leave a link to your post in the comments of this post.  I’d be ever so grateful if you’d help spread the word!  Thanks very much and have fun!

December 30, 2010

My Favorites of 2010

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I’m totally stealing this idea (with permission) from Scott Thomas.  I’ve chosen some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken this year.  I think I’ve shared most, if not all, on the blog.  Not surprisingly, the majority were taken after my purchase of Mr. Andre Rebel.  I have other favorites, such as family shots, but I realize they are favorites for personal reasons, so I weeded those out as I was narrowing down my choices.  I narrowed it down to 12, with some difficulty, and I’d love to read about which you like best in the comments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think this was a fabulous idea that Scott had – maybe some others of you out there will steal this idea too?  I will definitely come vote at your place too, should you decide to showcase your 2010 favorites.

I don’t know if this will be my last blog post of 2010 or not – I’m not yet sure what New Year’s Eve holds for me.  The most likely scenario is that I will be home watching a movie while hubby works, perhaps staying awake long enough to watch the ball drop in Times Square.  I hope 2011 is a great year for you.  I’d especially like to extend this wish to two of my favorite bloggers who have decided to take hiatuses from blogging for undetermined amounts of time.  Brian of FS Photography and Kathy of Lake Superior Spirit want to step back from blogging to refresh their spirits.  I hope this break does the trick for them and that we will see them back to posting as soon as possible.