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August 7, 2014

The “-ings” of getting ready for vacation

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Errand running

Laundry doing

Cat feeding

Garden picking

Suitcase filling

These “ings” are the things I’m doing on day 49 of summer!

Vacation Count-down

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Yesterday(Wednesday) was day 48 of summer and my count-down to my week’s vacation in Maine began. We leave Saturday morning, bright and early. Preparations are underway. It seems there are always never-ending errands in the days before a vacation, doesn’t it? I did some of them yesterday. I also recently learned that our suitcases were in pretty poor condition, so a new set was purchased.
Time to travel

I did have some time to relax in the afternoon. I started reading The Wrong Right Man by Pamela Wight of Roughwighting, as I sat outside on the deck.

The hummingbirds were active at the feeder again, but a close-up shot was not to be. This little one zipped over to the small trees along the side of my yard and I was able to get this photo of him at rest.
hummingbird at rest

I imagine today will be a day much like yesterday- errands and checking things off my list as I get them done.
What are all of you getting done these days?

July 7, 2014

Soothing Sunday and Monotonous Monday

Sunday, the 17th day of summer, brought a new, soothing experience for me. I tried hot yoga for the first time. My regular workout routine has been on hold this week due to my back acting up and I’d been hearing quite a bit about hot yoga from my sister and other people too. It seemed like time to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking into the super-heated room. I don’t know what the exact temperature was but it wasn’t overwhelming. I sweated, that’s for sure! The instructor’s voice was soothing, and he was helpful to newbie me in getting the correct form for poses. I enjoyed the experience and would definitely do it again sometime.

I continued my soothing day once again enjoying the new-found comfort of the air mattress in my pool. I thought it would be nice if I could show you my view as I lazily floated, drifting in gentle circles. I was wearing sunglasses, so to make the photos as close to what I was seeing as I could, I added the polarizing filter to my lens to be my camera’s “sunglasses”.

floating view 1

floating view 2
Hi Meghan!

floating view 3

pool ducky

In a very unusual situation for us, just Meghan and I were home for dinner Sunday night. So, like with Sarah the night before, we enjoyed dinner al fresco. After dinner we watched the movie “Dirty Dancing” – Meghan had never seen it before.

Can you believe it has been 27 years since that movie came out? Ay-yi-yi!

Day 18 turned out to be a kinda blah day. A day for errands and making appointments, just going through the motions.

I ran errands while hubby worked on fixing our leaking A/C. We have central air and it was leaking water all over the basement.

Teddy hid from the heat in his playhouse cave.
Hiding from the heat

For not knowing what was for dinner when I started the day, I turned out a pretty good one in my opinion. A little mixed grill of kebabs with help from Cooking Light magazine:
kebabs for dinner
The ones on the left are yogurt-garlic chicken with zucchini and the ones on the right are southwestern style beef with cherry tomatoes and avocado.