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September 28, 2011

One More from the Big E

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A parting shot from the Big E: my two daughters, plus older daughter’s boyfriend, riding the big yellow slide – a perennial favorite at the fair.  I thought my pictures would make a cute slideshow.  In addition to the kids, the faces of the spectators along the stairs are fun too.

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September 26, 2011

Competition, Big E Style

Well hello there everyone!  Sorry I hadn’t been around much last week; life and such gets in the way sometimes, you know what I mean?  I’ll try to do better this week.  I want to start off this week with my contribution to Scott Thomas’s photo assignment “Competition”. You still have a couple more days to get yours in before the deadline of September 28th if you’d like to participate.

My photos for this assignment are probably one of the most literal interpretations of competition.  Last Sunday, on a most beautiful day, I found myself at the Eastern States Exposition, with a bunch of crazy talking animals!  Locally known as “The Big E,”  it has to be one of the largest state fairs, since it encompasses all six New England States.  There is a dedicated fairground located in West Springfield, MA, and for 17 days each fall it is transformed into a cornucopia for the senses.  For me, the only real competition was among the food vendors for what I was going to eat first! (Neglectfully, I did not photograph these items.  😦 I’m sorry folks, that could have been its own blog post!)

I realized after reviewing my photos from the day, the competitions I chose to photograph happened to be of some of my own interests or hobbies.  I swear I didn’t do it on purpose – it seemed to happen subconsciously!  I photographed a quilt competition:


A growing competition:

I think the biggest pumpkin was 653 pounds!

An animal competition (I believe this was for children ages 9-12 and their horses were displaying trotting and jumping)


And would you believe, a photography competition!

This particular group was a youth competition – I thought they showed some nice promise.

Get your competition shots posted soon, everyone!  I’ll look forward to seeing your takes – and thanks as always to Scott for hosting the photo assignment.



September 19, 2011

Crazy Talk at the Farm-o-Rama


“Hey, you know what my mama always told me?”


“Be sure to chew with your mouth open.”


“No, I’m quite sure that is not what she said.  You can believe the word of an animal with horizontal pupils.”


“Psst, psst… over here… I don’t trust anyone with horizontal pupils!”


“When someone asks How-do-you-do, just say that you don’t.”


“How do I do?  How do I do?  I’ve got egg shell stuck to my butt!  How do you think I do?”


“Could you all just keep it down?  I’m trying to sleep!”


“Well, I never!  What a rude little piglet!  I flare my nostrils in disgust!”


“Nostrils? You call them nostrils?  Check these babies out!”


“Horizontal pupils, giant nostrils and egg-butts? Beam us up Scotty, the life around here is just a little too strange.”