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April 26, 2011


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Okay so I’ve been whining quite a bit that I seem to be the only blogger of this cool blogging community who didn’t have any daffodils in bloom.  They finally decided to show their beautiful selves today.


I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous, sunny and warm afternoon to shoot these pictures too.


Yep, that was the temperature today and I was loving it!  I got my reclining chair chair out

 and enjoyed a complimentary iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, courtesy of their Dunkin Perks program.  When I finished my coffee, I stalked the yard for more signs of spring.  I was reminded of Robin’s lovely post with maple tree buds, when I saw these in my yard:


These are all over a red maple that unfortunately partially broke and is bent over in the yard.  We haven’t quite decided what the best thing to do about it is.  As I meandered past the broken tree toward the back of the yard, a robin curiously decided to hang out on the fence rather than fly away as I approached.  It kept peeking back at me, perhaps to see if I’d gone away, but stayed long enough for me to take a few pictures.  I seem to be having better luck with bird pictures so far this year.


Speaking of better luck with bird pictures, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this is the year I finally get my hummingbird shot?  My husband claimed to have seen one a couple days ago, so I went ahead and hung my pretty new hummingbird feeder:


($5 at the Christmas Tree Shops!  Don’t you just love a bargain?)

I’m sure our 80 degree days will be short lived for now – high in the low 70’s expected for tomorrow, but I will take it!  Tomorrow I will also take you on a tour of all the Scavenger Hunt participants in case you haven’t made the rounds just yet.  See you tomorrow!

February 5, 2011

Bird Feeder Antics and Excellent Treats

First thing I saw when I wandered down the hall this morning were some acrobatics being performed on the bird seed bell:
gray squirrel antics 4

He reaches up for more seed:
gray squirrel antics 2

And then hangs upside down to eat them!

gray squirrel antics 3

I had many of the birds I’ve already shown you pictures of this week, as well as a couple of new comers, also crowding the feeders this morning.

I think this is a white-breasted nuthatch:


The chickadees returned too.  In this photo, there is a black-capped chickadee on the left, but I’m not sure about the bird on the right.  It looks like a chickadee, but I’m not sure what type.  I’d love it if you might be able to let me know in the comments:

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal did make a brief appearance this morning as well, but I was either too quick or too slow to get a picture, depending on how you look at it.  I saw Mrs. Cardinal out of the corner of my eye, and quickly grabbed my camera figuring Mr. was probably close by as well.  However, I think my quick movement in the window spooked them and they took off before I could get the picture.

The squirrels and birds were not the only ones to have excellent treats (to steal a term from Gerry Sell over on Torch Lake) this morning.  I recently discovered Dunkin Donuts has new chocolate lovers’ donuts for February.  These required investigation:

New DD donuts for February

(Sorry I didn’t think to take the picture before I had a bite!)

Top left: Reverse Boston Creme – white frosted chocolate donut with chocolate creme

Top right: Cocoa puff – sugar dusted chocolate donut with chocolate creme

Bottom right: Cocoa confetti (without the confetti) – chocolate donut glazed, normally with sprinkles.  Different from usual very heavy chocolate cake donut; it was light and fluffy, as were the other two new chocolate ones.

Bottom left: Cupid’s Choice – heart-shaped, filled with vanilla creme and decorated with pink icing and Valentine sprinkles.  My Sarah is not a big chocolate donut fan, so I thought she would prefer those.

Quite delicious!  I think my waistline would prefer I stay out of Dunkin Donuts this month.  My mouth disagrees.