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August 20, 2012

Mainely, the details

Back before I left for my vacation, I did a post about remembering to enjoy the details.  I noticed when I went through my vacation photos, that those are what I’d most like to share with you.  This was our 6th year returning to Hills Beach in Maine as a family (I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve been there when I was the child rather than the parent of the family), and our 3rd year renting the same cottage.  Perhaps because of this, my photo total from the week is fewer than normal.  I didn’t feel the need to take a lot of the same scenery photos that I’ve taken many times over.  I would’ve liked more pictures featuring my family, but as anyone who is the parent of teenagers will tell you, that’s not always the easiest thing to accomplish!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite details that caught my eye this year.

Morning sparkle on the water

rosa ragusa
Yellow beetle in a rosa rugosa

Dandelion-like weeds appearing to grow from rocks

Cottages reflecting on Biddeford Pool

toile shadow
The shadow of the lacey toile curtains in the dining area of our cottage

spotted from the porch
The glimpse of a rainbow, spotted from the porch when I looked up from my book…

beach rainbow

beach rainbow
…of which I of course ran outside in the still sprinkling rain to get a better shot!

afternoon warmth
The warmth of the sun reflected in the colors of the beach

happy feet
My toes in one of their favorite places on earth

Graffiti is something I would normally never photograph, but in this case I felt like the graffiti was giving me a message or a reminder:
interesting graffiti
I’m fairly sure this message was not even written by just one person, but when I first glimpsed it I read: “Life is a Gift”. “Life” is clear in black at the front then around the side in green, the lower letters looked like “a gift”. That’s probably not what was meant by those who scribbled the graffiti, but sometimes those reminders find us anyway.

P.S. I did take an awful lot of photos of the shorebirds that I encountered this year! I’m still comparing my photos to photos on my bird identification site trying to figure out the pipers from the plovers and the terns from the little gulls. When I get them as sorted as I feel that I can, there will be a post and update for the birding project.

November 20, 2011

It’s all in the details

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I’d been wanting to write a blog post this weekend, but I hadn’t taken any pictures this week to share with you.  Today I had plans for a luncheon at a favorite spot that I’ve shared with you many times, Pickity Place.  My sister, our best friend and I were in need of a nice girls’ day out.  At the last second this morning as I was on my way out the door, I grabbed my camera and put in my bag.  My thoughts were : I’ve taken so many pictures at Pickity Place, what new could I possibly find to share?  It is November afterall – No leaves, no flowers, November.  However, one lesson I’ve learned in the past is that it is the times that I don’t have my camera with me that I will surely wish that I did.

Perhaps it should have come as no surprise, I did find a few photos today.  One of the wonderful things about Pickity is the way that it changes with the seasons and makes each one beautiful.  The sun came out for a surprisingly warm day for mid-November in New Hampshire, and the sunlight seemed to have a special, almost filtered, quality to it at this time of the year.  Today I found some beauty in the small details, details that I might not have otherwise noticed if it had been a day filled with striking flowers and bountiful greens.






Some of the most beautiful details come in the form of the amazing meals served at Pickity Place.  I didn’t think to take any food pictures until we got to the last lovely course.  Today’s dessert was a pumpkin spice roll with caramel-raspberry sauce with fresh whipped cream.  The small quarters where the meals are served made it a little difficult for me to focus since I only had my 55-250mm lens with me, and I thought when I looked at the LCD that the dessert was my focal point.  Instead, here you have focus on my delicious mulled cider and the remains of our refreshing water carafe, but you can get the idea!  More great details:


Thank you Pickity Place – and Jennifer and Renae- for another fabulous afternoon.