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March 10, 2012

How it seems…

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Saw this “Rhymes with Orange” comic in Thursday’s paper and knew I needed to share!  I love Hilary Price’s funny insight on the basics of life.

As I’ve said before, the number of blog hits that I get don’t really matter to me, but I do love knowing I have faithful readers.  I love the interaction of the comments section – I’m truly grateful for those of you who take the time to leave one.  I think WordPress’s new feature of letting you know that someone replied to your comment is pretty great – and if you leave me a comment, you will almost always get that notification from me! Have you seen this feature?  It looks like this when you are signed in to WordPress:

If you haven’t noticed it, the little orange number in the upper right corner of your screen alerts you to comments, replies and “likes.”  I didn’t have any unread notifications at the time I decided to write this post, so I did some editing with my “mad skillz” (LOL) in Paint.  But you get the idea!

This feels strange for me, writing a blog post with no photos to share with you!  Hopefully that situation will  change very soon.  By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, Scott’s got a new assignment posted for this month that should definitley give you some shooting ideas.  I know I need some.


September 22, 2010


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I was wandering the yard the other day looking for excuses to use my camera photo subjects, when I stumbled upon this weed lurking in a corner, near the steps to door of the house that we never use.  Does everyone have one of those? (a door you never use, I mean, not lurking weeds.  Watch out Gerry, it could be triffids!)  It wasn’t a dandelion or milkweed, but it did have lovely fluff, lit up by the sun, floating in the breeze.


These cute little lurkers, plus Kathy’s post, got me wondering about folks who may be lurking around this blog.  On a day I’ve published a new post, I’ve noticed this blog gets about 30-60 hits.  My most popular day was around 100.  The most comments I’ve ever gotten I think is around 28 – and half of those are me, responding to your comments.  A more average number of comments is around 16 or so – again with half of those being me.  (Does everyone know that I respond to your comments? Do you come back and check?)  That seems to me that maybe an average of one fourth of the folks who have some sort of look at the blog leave a comment.  That makes the rest of you lurkers!  Lurkers, any chance you would unlurk?  I’d love to know who you are,  just to say hello!  I’m really not a scary sort, so don’t be afraid.  Say hi, as long as you are not a spammer. 

I found another lurker while I was out aimlessly wandering seriously shooting adorable balls of fluff.  It was actually another fluffball


but I suppose I can’t call Cedric a true lurker.  Although he watched the goings-on from his post in the windowsill, he’s rarely one to be without comment.


“C’mon, Mom.  Stop spending so much time playing with that camera and come in and pay attention to me!”  Cedric will never be shy about his comments.