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November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Twice today I had my cup of coffee interrupted by the desire to take a photo.  Desire turned to inspiration, and the blog post began composing itself in my head.

As I stood in the kitchen this morning while the Keurig brewed my first cup, I was taken in by the sparkle outside.  There was a fairly thick frost last night, and the morning sun was lighting it up as it melted.  In my flannel pants and slippers, I ventured into the backyard.


Autofocus and I disagreed yet again, so the only really focused spot in that shot is that one drop of water, but I kind of liked this in an abstract way.

While Teddy tried to engage me in game of tug-of-war with one of many fallen sticks, I was attracted to the frosted edges of this leaf:


Returning to my coffee, I discovered I must have had a defective K-cup as my cup was full of grounds! Yuck.  But it gave me the excuse to brew a fresh cup after my little outdoor excursion.

After finishing that cup, I turned to leftovers.  Jennifer kindly sent me home with a generous bag of turkey bones and meat for making soup.  Stock spent the afternoon simmering on my stove.

Even with reserving plenty of meat to fill out the soup, I had a substantial amount of turkey available for sandwiches.  MSN.com had a featured article this morning on ways to jazz up those leftover turkey sandwiches.  Hubby and I took some inspiration from it.  He popped out to the store this morning and picked up a few supplies,

and we had rather gourmet pannini style sandwiches courtesy of our George Foreman grill.

After some chores, later afternoon rolled around and I started eyeing some of those shortbread cookies I told you about on Wednesday. (I managed to snag a few to bring back home!) Another cup of coffee with a couple of cookies seemed like a perfect idea, but just I was getting ready for this afternoon snack, a sky with pink clouds beckoned me back outside (er, yep, still in those flannel pants and slippers!)


It’s too bad the power lines cross this one, but they kind of made for a neat effect with the vapor trails:

I finally got to my coffee and cookies, and sat down to write this post.

It was a relaxing, coffee, flannel pants and slippers, kind of day.  No crazy Black Friday shopping for me.  How did you spend your day-after-Thanksgiving?

October 10, 2010

Preparations – Picture Fall, day 10

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The photo prompt that arrived in the mail today turned out to be slightly ironic for me.  I wanted to check it first thing this morning because I was headed to a lovely place for a special luncheon that I was sure would be filled with all sorts of things indicative of  fall and full of color.  My sister and our best friend and I went to Mason, NH to have lunch at Pickity Place.  Their menu changes monthly, and every time it is spectacular.  Pickity place is surrounded by gorgeous flowers and herbs, and is nestled at an adorable cottage in the woods.  Well worth the trip if you are in the southern New England area.  I thought for sure I’d easily fulfill today’s photo prompt during our visit.  Today’s prompt, however, asked us to find something appealing in our kitchen.  Fall is a season of preparations, many of which traditionally happen in the kitchen.  It also asked us to try to take the photo at a time when the kitchen would be filled with natural light so that we could take the shot without flash.  I was leaving the house early today and knew I wouldn’t be back before all natural light was gone from my kitchen, so I decided to fulfill the prompt with a shot of a morning preparation for the day, my beloved Keurig coffee maker.  Have you seen these babies in action?  No muss, no fuss, great coffee fast. 

I did, of course, take some pretty fall pictures at Pickity Place, after a fabulous meal.  Would you like to see those?  Maybe I’ll put a slideshow of those shots together tomorrow since I don’t have to go to work!  Thanks, Columbus!