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December 21, 2012

Strange Days Indeed

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The end of the Mayan calendar is what a lot of people have been talking about today.  While I don’t think anyone truly believed it was an apocolyptic day, it was certainly a strange weather day.  It started out with whipping wind and driving rain, and I saw a rainbow briefly while I was out running errrands.

(taken with my Blackberry)

When I got home, the sun and clouds and spritzes of rain were all out at the same time.


I was rather taken with the sun lighting up the trees around my yard against backddrops of dark, eerie clouds.

I felt a little shiver looking around while I took these.  The temperature was oddly warm (nearly 50° F) for the first day of winter in New England and I couldn’t help but think of all the odd weather this area has experienced over the last year and a half.


Even Teddy thought it was a rather blustery day:

I know that busy days are ahead for us all.  If I don’t get back to the blog (I hope that I will) before Christmas, I wish you all a very merry one.  Hold your loved ones just a little bit tighter as we keep the families of Newtown CT in our hearts.

September 22, 2012

Funking Out in Every Way

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Boy, what a funk I’ve found myself in today.  Today is the official beginning of autumn.  Coincidence?  I think not!  As much as I’d love to blame the start of fall for my mood, in all fairness, it really wasn’t at fault.  For most of the day, the weather was nothing but lovely. This mood that I’m in, however, will allow me to present my feelings about the end of summer with unvarnished truth.

storm clouds rolling in

I think regular readers of this blog already know about how I feel concerning summer’s demise.  How apropos to find gray clouds blotting out the sun as I searched out the subjects of my photos for Scott’s assignment.  The sky mirrored the feelings in my head and my heart today.

shades of gray

The golden warmth of a summer day that warms my soul and my toes will soon be whisked away as we barrel head on toward the cold and drizzle of the months to come.
shriveling dahlia

Memories of summer packed away, awaiting better days.
Beach supplies packed away

No one is splashing, swimming, floating, enjoying the pool any longer as my raft lies abandoned, dry and deflating and awaiting closure.
Sorry pool float

And my boys of summer. As sad a story as there could be. Their season nearly over before it began, officially eliminated from play-offs, just playing out the month. My Red Sox bear hides his face.
Sad Red Sox bear

I promise I’ll snap out of it.  This funk won’t rule this blog, or my life for long.  This post was my contribution to Scott’s assignment “End of Summer.”  There is still time for you to participate – posts are due by midnight your time on Wednesday, September 26th.

May 8, 2011

My Mother’s Day Melange

Photo-heavy post ahead!  I’m having a nice Mother’s Day (hope you are too!) I have a variety of shots I feel like sharing today, so here we go.

I woke up this morning to find this pretty hanging basket along with a card (calling me “one hot mama” LOL!) from hubby.


Meghan got out of bed a little later, looking quite proud of herself, and presented me with a gift bag that contained this charm.  She went out and bought it herself, no assistance from her dad.  I was really touched.


While I was taking the picture of the Mom charm, I remembered the other cool charms I received for my birthday a couple weeks ago and decided to throw a shot in to this post.  Left to right: Red Sox charm from my mom, hearts charm from the girls, sparkly and camera charms from hubby.

After lunch, I decided to take my “furry children” for a walk.  My neighbors’ trees are gorgeously in bloom right now:

While I walked up the street, I saw this pretty, puffy cloud.  What shape do you see?


I see a bear cub!  No, really, look:


When we got into the woods, I heard the song of a bird I’d been hearing around the yard.  I hadn’t been able to identify the bird yet, so when I got this picture today, I was very surprised to discover its identity:

It isn’t the clearest bird picture, but it was enough for me to realize it was a catbird.  I was surprised because last summer, it was also a catbird that I found somewhat annoying with a screechy type of call.  I discovered the reason on a website I’ve found very helpful and interesting this year, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  If you scroll down about halfway on this page, and click on the “typical voice” you can hear the pretty song I’ve been hearing in the first half of the soundbite, but in the second half, you’ll hear the screechy call I mentioned last summer.  Turns out these birds are related to mockingbirds, and like them are able to copy other birds calls and string them together to make their own song.

As we approached the swampy area on the walk, I saw a red-winged blackbird sitting in a small tree close to the edge of our path.  The dogs were dallying in the stream that crosses the path, so my picture came out shaky, but I was happy to have gotten my first picture of this bird.

I got a slightly clearer shot (but less of a view of the red feathers) as it got ready to take off:

Around the corner from the swamp, I found a tree in bloom:

The blossoms make me think it is some type of fruit tree.  Maybe a crabapple?  Any thoughts?  Here’s a closer look at the blossoms:

Whatever it is, it is pretty!  I’ll have to keep an eye on the tree later into the summer.

How was your Mother’s Day? Or your wife’s Mother’s Day?

September 5, 2010

I really don’t know clouds, at all

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Any time I think of clouds, I can’t help but think of “Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins, which is part of the reason for the title of today’s post.  The other reason is I’ve forgotten most of my junior high school science about the classification of clouds.  While I was in Maine, I had the opportunity to photograph some lovely cloudscapes at different times of day with some results of which I am very happy.  I used some different techniques such as turning the camera portrait style, using the exposure compensation control, and for a couple, a polarizing filter that I found in my sister’s camera bag for her old 35mm Canon Rebel.  So, while I can’t tell you what type of clouds these are, I hope you’ll enjoy my Maine cloudscapes.

Apparently August 17th was a great day for clouds for me, as the next 5 pictures were all taken on this day!
Clouds with filter 2

This was taken with the polarizing filter and I thought it really made the blue sky and clouds pop – it seems to give the lower, puffy clouds texture, while giving the higher,  streaky clouds contrast against the sky.  Here’s a shot at the same time, turned portrait style:
Clouds with filter1

A little bit later that same afternoon, I had taken the filter off, and was thinking about a technique called “storytelling” that we had discussed quite a bit over at Shrew’s Daily Shutter’s.  (By the way, Shrew had a photo challenge due on Sept. 1, so look for that post coming soon – I sent her a few shots!)  Storytelling in photos, if I remember correctly, means the picture has a real “beginning, middle and end” or interest in the foreground, midground, and background.  Tell me what you think of this story:
Storytelling  on Hills Beach

Even later that day, we were presented with gorgeous sunset colors with the clouds beautifully lit up:
Sunset on Hills Beach

Sunset at Hills Beach

August 18th was the day I went to visit Walker Point and Blowing Cave  in Kennebunkport.  While I didn’t get any great splashing plumes of water pictures, I was really happy with this cloud and rockscape, with little sailboats at the horizon:
Looking out from Blowing Cave

That evening, I took a walk down Hills Beach Road because we were again presented with gorgeous color, but this time it was golden in hue:
Sunset Hills Beach Rd. 1

This shot presented darker than the actual color was, but I included it because I liked the silhouette of the gull drifting in at the top left of the shot, and to show you the difference when I used the exposure compensation.  This truer representation of the color that evening was with a +1.3 EV:
Sunset on Hills Beach Rd.

This little scene was across the street from the cottage where we stayed.  It is a little harbor-like area where I took one more shot of that golden light and clouds:
Evening over Biddeford Pool

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow, It’s cloud illusions I recall, I really don’t know clouds at all….