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April 7, 2012

Down by the banks of the river Charles

Our family spent the day in Boston yesterday, and I had the song that those lyrics come from playing through my head for most of the day.  Can you name the song without Googling it?  Think about it while you read my post.  I’ll include a YouTube video with the answer at the end.

Our original purpose for yesterday’s visit was a campus tour of Boston University.  Expecting heavy traffic for our drive in, I roused my troops early from bed on that non-school day to give us plenty of time to work our way to the “T” station (how locals refer to the public train/subway system) just outside our state capital.  We arrived with surprising ease and little traffic, finding ourselves at our location, the BU admissions office with time to spare.

I took the opportunity to look around at my exact location and, of course, take some pictures.


Before arriving at BU, I hadn’t realized just how close to the Charles River the campus is.  I peeked around the corner from admissions to discover it right across busy Storrow Drive.  ( I thought I took a picture at this point to show you, but I didn’t find one. Hmmm… maybe I accidentally deleted? Or maybe I really didn’t take one)

One of my favorite spots in Boston is also within walking distance….

Can you guess the place I’m talking about before you scroll down….

I bet you know…


Yup, Fenway Park.  The boys will be back in town for the home opener this coming Friday.

After an unfortunately disappointing campus tour that left Meghan even more uncertain about her feelings about the school, we headed for lunch and another ride on the T, to the Boston Museum of Science.  This was Meghan’s request.

At the museum, I was taken in by the gorgeous views of the Charles River from the museum’s gigantic picture windows.


View of the picture windows with the perpetual motion machine:


We didn’t have the time or energy to get to all of the museum’s great exhibits (we missed the Omni theater, the planetarium and the butterfly garden), but we did stroll through the new live gecko area.


Feeling rather tired after hours of walking (the tour, the museum, back and forth to the T) the four of us gathered to decide how to wind up our day.  Starting to feel a little hungry and facing the ride home, we decided to head for the famous Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market to find some dinner.  Tucked in an underground store in the marketplace we found a great little place called the Zuma Tex-Mex Grill.  Far from fancy, this restaurant had truly delicious food.  Hubby and I shared some of the best jalepeno poppers I’ve ever eaten.  I had a tender and flavorful fajita-style steak sandwich.  Hubby loved his burrito, and the girls were happy with their meals as well.

Exhausted and satisfied, we happily hopped on our last T ride of the day – uncrowded with seats for all four of us- and made our way back to the T-station, followed by a 75-minute drive home from the station to dogs elated to see us.

Did you figure out the song without cheating?