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September 9, 2010

A Dog and his Bucket

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Our collie Teddy has managed to find many lost “treasures” in our yard.  Toys and balls that our girls have long abandoned are fun treats for Teddy.  Among his treasures is a blue sand pail, that reminds me of pictures on I Can Has Cheezburger of the walrus and his bucket.  Teddy carries his bucket around the yard, tosses it about and chews on it.


“Would someone like to play with me and mah bucket?”


“Okay Teddy, here you go.  Get the bucket!”


“I gots mah bucket!”


“Hmmm, what’s in mah bucket? Any nom-noms?”

“Actually, mah bucket is kinda nom-nom.”


“Look, mah bucket can fly!”


“C’mon, Teddy, give me the bucket!”


“I want mah bucket back!  Give me mah bucket!”


“Wait!  Are we all done playin’ with mah bucket?  Come back!  Please?”

June 10, 2010

A Quick Funny to my Photo Friends

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Just had to share these comic strips of the Buckets with all the great photographers I’ve been lucky enough to get to know through blogging!  It made me chuckle, and I hope it does the same for you.  I think we are all “of an age” to get a laugh from Mrs. Bucket’s lament.  Reminds me of photography class in college.  Have a great weekend!

PS – Comics appear courtesy of Comics.com 

PPS- I know we all love our digital cameras, and I for one could never go back to film!  I hope Mrs. Bucket discovers how awesome they are in the next few strips!