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December 5, 2010

A Party Day

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Teddy was ready for a party! But, no, he didn’t get to go.  Daphne and Teddy had to be content with the new marrow bones they received as bribery for good behavior while we were to be out of the house for many hours.

Saturday was one of those days that I look forward to: one spent with great friends.  This group of friends has a unique relationship.  We are a group of five couples who have been friends for 20+ years. We started out as young singles, and now our teenaged kids are friends with each other.  It is a wonderful feeling.  We met up at one couple’s house for a Christmas get-together.


Their tree looked gorgeous set up in the big picture window, and gave me the chance to play a bit more with the 50mm lens.


Ooh! Christmas light bokeh! Yay, my first shot at it this year.

We had a great day of awesome food, good wine, a Yankee gift swap of “white elephants”, game playing ( I was introduced to “Apples to Apples” – have you ever played?  A ton of fun!) and laughter to the point of tears.


Ingredients for food made for pot-luck dinner: $23

Bottle of wine: $1o

Filling tank of gas before hour-long ride: $50

Day spent with the best of friends: Priceless