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May 22, 2011

I’ve Got Mail!

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Remember those days of AOL and logging in to your account via dial-up…bing, bing, bing, oooo…..ksssshhhhh….just waiting for those special three words: “You’ve got mail!”  I was reminded of those days when a special package arrived on my step this week.  Real mail though, not electronic, but I found myself chiming “I’ve got mail!”


Do you remember this sad tale of woe I told you last spring?  I decided to forgo the woe this spring and buy all my plants already started at the local garden center.  Only problem was, hubby still wanted his “Biker Billy Jalepenos.”  I discovered this year that Burpee sells their Biker Billy’s in plant form.  They were a little pricey for young plants, but I figured they’d be worth it.  I’ve been wondering since back in early April when I ordered them, exactly how Burpee shipped live plants.  May 13 was the ship date for my Zone 5 planting area.  The box you see above arrived via UPS.  The air-holes in the side kind of gave me chuckle, like I was receiving a breathing creature of some sort!

Turns out Burpee has this plant shipping thing down.  Inside the funny-air-holed container, I found this:


The plants were safe, snug and secure in a little greenhouse-colored plastic container.


Three Biker Billy Jalepeno plants, ready for planting next weekend!  In addition, I was able to find the other hot peppers we were looking for when I went back to the garden center. 

Although the weather doesn’t have a great outlook for the week (temps around 70 but chances of thundershowers virtually every day), it appears it could be a lovely week in the yard.  Besides those peony buds I showed you a few days ago, look what is also getting ready to bloom:


The bearded irises!  I LOVE these flowers and the number of buds looks promising.  Also on the way are my crazy poppies:


I call them my “crazy” poppies for a couple reasons.  First, those buds are a little alien-looking, aren’t they? Second, once I tried to get rid of these flowers simply because they didn’t fit my general color scheme; they are bright orange in a sea of pink, lavendar and white in this particular bed.  But they kept coming back.  Now, I’ve grown to like them as the cheerful survivors they are.

It has been a busy weekend! (I’ll probably ramble on a bit more about it later in the week)  I can’t believe it is time to go back to work again tomorrow morning already.  I hope to catch up with you all very soon, and hope your weekend was awesome, even if you spent a lot of it feeling sorry for yourself! (You know who you are!)