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October 1, 2011

Creations, Crustaceans & Confections

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Last weekend was a visit to my mom’s place on Cape Cod for a belated birthday celebration for my sister.  Not a big bash, but a get-together for shopping, good food, beach exploring and laughing.  For me, photo opportunities too.  The weekend was overcast, but better than the forecasted rain showers we had expected, and the temperatures were surprisingly warm.  Here is my rather random collection of favorite photos from the weekend:


Flower found outside our favorite candy store


My cupcake from Jennifer’s birthday dinner

cormorantsCormorants at Bass River Beach .. at least I was pretty sure they were cormorants; I was surprised when I zoomed in on this shot and noticed some of the birds had lighter colored feathers and longer necks than I am used to seeing on cormorants.

During a visit to another little cove along Bass River, Meghan was very interested in some tiny scurrying creatures.

At first, we almost didn’t see them, but as I walked toward some odd looking holes in the sand, a blur of movement caught my eye.  I saw them disappearing into the little holes.  What were they?


They were the funniest looking little crabs I’d ever seen!  They all had one over-sized claw and one miniscule one, and eye stalks that moved independently of each other.  That is Meghan’s finger in the background of the shot to give you some scale.


Meghan shared her find with my sister, while Sarah looked on dubiously.

I’m sure that was the last time this year we will visit the Cape while feeling comfortable in our short-sleeved shirts and shorts.  The cooler temperatures are slowly creeping in as autumn settles upon us.  Although I am still sad for summer’s departure, I do hope to bring you some beautiful color this fall.  If you’d like some tips on shooting that autumn color, be sure to have a look over at Scott’s place!  That’s all from me for now.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

April 19, 2011

Awesome Weekend, Part 2

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As promised, this is the Cape Cod edition of my Awesome Weekend.  After our delicious luncheon  and an afternoon chatting with our BFF Renae, my girls, my sister, my mother and I made the trip to Mom’s place on Cape Cod.  We arrived late evening Saturday, so my photos that I have to share with you are from Sunday which turned out to be a sunny but windy day.  The seagulls were drifting…
Bass River

… and the windsurfers were surfing!


As I said, it was a sunny day, but it wasn’t that warm!  Check out my “crew” at the beach at Bass River:

Left to right: Sarah, Jennifer, Mom, Meghan

After our windy beach visit, the sun was still lovely and warm, so I requested a little walk around Mom’s neighborhood to see what might be in bloom on the Cape.  I found some pretty sights.  These were growing in the backyard, and I found out over at Barbara’s blog that they are called chionodoxa.


Daffodils are in bloom just about every where you look down at the Cape (still not in my front yard though, hmmpph!)


These grew in a large carpet at the front of someone’s property.  We wondered if it could be heather.  Any ideas?

Mystery purple flower

A sweet little pair of ducks was swimming in a little swampy pond in the neighborhood and I couldn’t  help taking some snaps of the cuties in the late afternoon sun:

Mr. & Mrs.

Mrs. Duck

Mr. Duck

Our weekend, in addition to the beach visit and sight-seeing, of course included shopping and good eats, with a very healthy dose of laughter.  Pretty awesome weekend, wouldn’t you say?