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December 24, 2015

Keeping my blog tradition alive

It is Christmas Eve morning
And I’ve so much to do
But instead of getting started
I’ve chosen to write my blog post for you

A little tradition I began
2011 was the year
Though my blog habits are waning
I thought if I skipped, there could be a tear

I scratched out my thoughts
On paper at first
Hoping as I wrote
Inspiration would burst


This Christmas will be strange one
It’s green and it’s wet
Forecast today for 70 degrees
A new record we’ll set

Our first in ten years
Without Daphne near by
I’m missing her sweetness
Please Facebook, with memories, don’t make me cry

Yearly dog embarrassment

Two legal adult daughters for the first time this year
No longer children but they still bring me glee
I love having them home
It’s best part of Christmas for me

Life brings us changes
On that we can depend
This poem is turning reflective
Perhaps I should end…

Christmas collie

With a wish for you all
That I hope won’t seem trite
Have a wonderful Christmas
And to all a good night!


December 24, 2011

With apologies to Clement Moore

Twas the day before Christmas, and in the kitchen of the house,

This blogger was stirring,  making  mess of her blouse.


The ingredients were flung, with not a whole lot of care,

In hopes that deliciousness would soon be there.


The cupcakes were nestled, all snug in their cups,


While I tried desperately with cleaning to keep ups.

And cranberries crackled with sugar in a pot,

becoming a sauce while the water was hot.


When down on the counter, there arose such a splatter,

making red frosting  was a difficult matter.


Away to the Kitchen-Aid, I ran like a flash,

to avoid having to clean another big splash.

The bottle of Lysol, I gave a large squirt,

so the sugar on the floor did not become dirt.


This blogger you see, when she cooks is a slob,

I’ll be lucky to find and to clean every blob.


My clothing is covered from my head to my foot,

with flour and sugar and butter and soot.

It would be nice if I had, a small kitchen elf,

who would nicely clean up after myself.

But with a wink of my eye and a nod of my head,

here’s hoping you all have nothing to dread.

Please hear me exclaim, with all of my might,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!