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43 Things

I’ve seen some blogs that have a little extra tab up on the top labeled “43 things.”  I’m not sure what the significance of the number 43 is, but there is a website dedicated to this topic.  Its purpose seems to be a place for people to set their goals.  I actually heard last night on the John Tesh Radio Show that people with goals, simple or complex, live longer! (Not that I’m a regular listener to Mr. Tesh, its just that he’s syndicated at night on my 3 favorite local radio stations and he’s usually on while I drive my daughters back and forth to dance classes).  Anyway, I thought maybe I’d start listing my 43 things.  I don’t know if I have 43 things.  I think you’re supposed to check ’em off if you accomplish them.  We’ll see how it goes.  In no particular order, other than the order I think of them in:

1. Become a teacher in my own classroom (I’m an aide in other teachers’ classrooms right now)

2. ride a ski-doo

3. own a place at the beach

4. own a boat

5. inspire somebody

6. survive my daughters’ teen years

7. travel to Europe

8. travel to Australia

9. see more of this great country I live in; I’ve been to all 6 New England states, New York, North Carolina, Florida and California.  hmmmm 1/5 of all these states?  I could do better.

10.  help my daughters to become strong, caring, resourceful, young women

11. take my dogs for more walks

12. take more pictures – good pictures

13. take another what my girls would call “big trip” – before my girls don’t live at home anymore

14. get more blog hits

15. be more creative with my cooking

16. get an ice cream maker

17. have a successful garden this summer

18. try not to worry too much

19. drive or at least take a ride in a Corvette

20. finish a Master’s degree

21. make some people happy

22. get a DSLR

23. swim with dolphins

Well, I’m half-way there for now.  I don’t see a check-mark anywhere on my keyboard to use if I accomplish any of these.  I could try the text strike out that I see many bloggers use, I suppose.  We’ll see…..


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  2. what color Corvette?Jim d

    Comment by Trish Dinsmore — August 20, 2012 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

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