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December 24, 2016

Well, I Tried to Keep the Tradition!

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It is Christmas Eve morning as I’m thinking about my blog.
Awake are just me, the cat and the dog.
A day of prepartion faces me down,
But maybe for a moment, with you I can clown.


This blog has been neglected, that much is clear,
I’ve still thought of you often and read during the year.
Will next year be better? That I don’t know,
Depends where its decided my time needs to go.

Well damn. The words just are not coming to me in the Clement Moore style this morning. Damn shame I can’t seem to make my Christmas tradition of a fun rhyming blog happen this year. This link to the blog post from 2014 has the links to my previous years’ posts in it. The one from 2012 is by far the funniest in my opinion. Last year’s was rather reflective.

Much is similar this year as far as my feelings about Christmas. The magic is different when your kids are adults. The best part of this season is having them home, and I know I will only even have that most likely for a few more years. This could be my last one with my older daughter still living here since she graduates from college in May. (How the heck did that happen???)

My love of photography has unfortunately taken a back seat to many other things these days. I think that is part of the reason this blog has suffered so much with lack of attention this year. Since September I can certainly add my new job as a 7th grade teacher to the list of reasons I’ve had other things taking up my time. I do still want to retain my blogosphere connection with my favorite bloggers out there – Dawn, Carol, Mike and Robin especially. I don’t always have the time to comment, but I do try to regularly stop by and read. I’ve even been neglectful of that in this busy season, running around like a crazy person trying to get it all done.

Perhaps I’ll try again later to do this up right. Perhaps not. Perhaps I’ll write another blog post before the end of 2016. Perhaps not. I like to leave open the possibilities!

To those of you who celebrate it, and actually still read my blog posts on the blue moon when they happen, have a very Merry Christmas! Happy new year too if I don’t see you before then! 😉