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July 16, 2015

Six Photos, Six Days, Day 1

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Or… “Foxen!” *


“Billy!!!! C’mon, c’mon, mom’s not around let’s play!”

“You wanna play Iggy? I’ll play! Hi-Ya! Karate chop!”

“Ulf, I’m gonna get you for that one!”……

Real story This past April, I discovered fox kits living under the shed in my back yard. I had seen the mother fox patrolling along an old stone wall at the back of my property throughout the spring time, and often heard her strange calls in the night. One late afternoon, movement caught my eye from the kitchen window. When I realized what it was, I quickly grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens attached and started shooting approaching that gate in my backyard. I wish I could have taken the picture without the gate in the way, but I’m sure I never could’ve gotten close enough to do that without scaring them off. As it turned out, I got closer than I thought I would before Mama Fox returned and they dove back underneath my shed.

* “Foxen” is a family joke. There is a great sketch by a comedian named Brian Regan called “Stupid in School” that my daughters introduced me to several years ago that we laugh about and quote lines from it all the time. I think my girls could probably quote it verbatim start to finish if I asked them to. Take a minute and watch it – have a laugh. Do you remember the part about making the plural of ox? That has become a regular joke around here for any word that ends in ox. In fact, last year when we were on vacation in Maine visiting a candy store called “Len Libby’s”, famous for its life sized chocolate moose, there was a sales display full of toy stuffed animal moose. Sarah gleefully called out “a boxen of moosen!”