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July 3, 2014

Berryfull – Summer Day 13

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Mmmmmmm! Fresh strawberries. I am addicted to them. The local strawberry season for this area is approximately Father’s Day to the 4th of July. I have to get them while I can. July usually begins raspberry season in my back yard. My raspberries are not super-bountiful but my bushes tend to produce a good sized handful per day for a couple weeks. That is just enough. Raspberries have a tendency to go soft and squishy rather quickly, and I prefer not to refrigerate if I can get away with it in order to preserve the really fresh flavor.

While the berries are in season, I have the tendency to pop them in my mouth each time I pass through the kitchen. On one of my pass-throughs last night, I discovered this:
Mutant berry (top view)

A mutant! LOL!

Mutant berry

The mutant tasted just as good as the rest of them. 😉