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June 23, 2014

Summer Day 4

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Theme for today? “In the Weeds”. Funny, that’s what I used to say in my waitress days – if we were bogged down with lots of customers needing many things at the same time, we used to yell out that we were “in the weeds” to see if anyone had an available hand to help out.
Today’s interpretation of in the weeds is much more literal:

I spent my morning weeding the veggie garden. I forgot to take a picture for you before I got started, as you can see, but if you can imagine the whole garden looking like the upper half of this picture, you will understand how things started out today.

I made progress slowly but surely:
Making progress
Here I’ve hoed down most of the weeds, but still need to rake them up and take them away.

Job done
I didn’t nab every single one of them today, but it is enough. I did, unfortunately, accidentally mow down two pepper plants that were not doing very well, darn it! I was careful to hand weed around each plant before hoeing the larger area to avoid just such an accident, but my fervor to get the job done must have blinded me to them.

Yes, it is a bit dry looking out there. We haven’t had significant rain for about a week I’d say. I put Miracle Grow on the plants after I weeded and will do a more thorough watering later today.
Keep Cool and Summer On!