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November 11, 2013

November is trying, but not really winning any points with me today

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A moment of pretty….
last color


…discovered while dealing with the ugly….

Raking leaves today. That photo above shows but a fraction of the 4 giant tarploads of leaves I’ve hauled out of my front yard today from the dreadful sycamore tree. I really dislike that tree this time of year! I mean really, look at the size of these leaves:

Obnoxious leaf

And there is exactly 9,786,584,001 of them! I counted! 😉


  1. I demand a re-count !

    Comment by sybil — November 11, 2013 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

  2. Oh my goodness! Husband used to count pine cones as he picked them up. I don’t have nearly that many leaves (because I would never ever doubt that you counted each and every one) but my method of dealing with them is much easier: run the mower over them and call it mulch. Good for the soil.


    Comment by Carol — November 11, 2013 @ 2:41 pm | Reply

    • That’s what I do with my backyard leaves – the lawnmower method. However, these horrible, gigantic sycamore leaves would clog my little mower before I did one row, thus I have to haul them out back behind my shed to compost there.

      Comment by Karma — November 11, 2013 @ 3:53 pm | Reply

  3. lol! I started chuckling about you counting all those leaves, and then read Sybil’s comment and really did laugh out loud. That really is a big pile of big leaves. I’ve always liked raking leaves, but that’s easy for me to say now that I don’t do it anymore. Your moment of pretty is, indeed, very pretty. 🙂

    Comment by Robin — November 11, 2013 @ 6:06 pm | Reply

    • The pile is even bigger now! I finished the job (of my front yard anyway) yesterday, and I’m feeling rather accomplished today.
      Thanks Robin.

      Comment by Karma — November 17, 2013 @ 8:51 am | Reply

  4. Such pretty yellow leaves on your trees! And I hope you had some fun, jumping in the leaf pile after you raked them! 😉
    It’s strange…we have yellow and brown leaves all over our yard, but the trees are still green!! Most of them anyway. I think the leaves fall off the trees first, and THEN decide to turn pretty colors. Darn TX trees have it all backwards 😛 LOL

    Comment by TheDailyClick — November 12, 2013 @ 12:01 pm | Reply

    • I didn’t actually jump in the pile, but I did fall down at one point while tromping through trying to empty my tarp!

      Comment by Karma — November 17, 2013 @ 8:52 am | Reply

      • LOL I’d say that almost counts as jumping in 😉

        Comment by TheDailyClick — November 19, 2013 @ 7:57 am

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