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May 19, 2013

Nest Watch, week 2

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Things are getting busy these days! Meghan’s final days of high school are sliding by in a hurry, the paperwork for college is rolling in, preparations for recital and graduation are busily moving along. I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride for the last couple of weeks, and I don’t think the ride will be coming to an end any time soon. In the meantime however, I have been keeping an eye on those robins’ nests I told you about in this post.

The first nest has babies in it. I poked my head outside one day to see 3 hungry open beaks swaying in the nest.
first baby robin sighting
It’s difficult to see all three in this photo, but I think they are all there. One particularly hungry little one made an extra effort to get some attention.
hungry baby

I moved around to the other side of the nest and was able to get this little charmer:
baby robin gets some sun
I love the tuft of down and the satisfied look!

feed me!
Feed me!

I think the second nest is maybe a week or so behind the first one, but I have seen mama robin sitting on it fairly consistently over the last week, so I’m thinking another set of babies isn’t too far away.
mama robin

My perennial bed is looking fresh and healthy with its new coating of mulch, but I’ve neglected to take its picture. I’ll remember one of these days.

Planting will be continuing as well. I’ve been back to the garden center for annuals and vegetables:
garden center purchases
There are tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, geraniums, dahlias, zinnias and much more all awaiting their summer homes. Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, my traditional planting weekend, so they won’t have to wait too long.

Whether you are enjoying your own gardens, visiting vistas around your home state, unpacking and getting used to a new home or just trying to fly a kite, I hope you have a lovely week!


  1. Awww… the little ones are so cute! I like that tuft of down, too. I’m looking forward to seeing your perennial bed again. 🙂 Sorry I missed your last few blog posts. I’m not getting the emails that announce a new post for some reason. Doesn’t make sense since I can clearly see that I’m subscribed to your blog. I’ll try resubscribing and see if that helps. Thanks for the link love. (That’s how I knew you’d posted.)

    Comment by Robin — May 19, 2013 @ 8:39 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Robin. I hope the unpacking is going well! Gee I do a post on baby robins and you are the first (and so far only) one to post. Coincidence? 😉

      Comment by Karma — May 21, 2013 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  2. You’re reminding me I need to go buy a tomato plant or three….tonight for sure. Maybe.

    Comment by dawnkinster — May 22, 2013 @ 7:21 am | Reply

    • Yes – home grown tomatoes are one of the best tastes of summer!

      Comment by Karma — May 22, 2013 @ 9:18 pm | Reply

  3. I love watching baby birds develop. They have such massive mouths.

    Comment by sybil — May 24, 2013 @ 6:34 pm | Reply

    • It has been pouring rain for a few days here. I hope I’ll get the chance to get some new pictures soon!

      Comment by Karma — May 25, 2013 @ 9:14 am | Reply

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