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April 7, 2013

Looking Forward and Back

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When I logged in to WordPress this morning, I noticed a little symbol in the upper right corner of the screen that I’d never seen before. For those of you who blog at WordPress, you know that little speech bubble icon that turns orange when you have a new comment or someone responds to a comment you made? Well this morning there was a little orange trophy-shaped icon in that spot. I clicked on it and this is what I saw:

It is probably hard to read, but it was a “Happy Anniversary” message from WordPress.  I started this blog 3 years ago yesterday.  My first blog post was pretty simple.  You can click right here if you are interested in reading it.  It was just a little introduction to my reasons for starting a blog.  Three years later, I’ve written 430 posts (this one is number 431), had 40,472 views and my busiest blog day ever was February 28, 2012 with 201 views.  I posted a photo-hunt wrap up that day, but those posts never garner that much attention, so I don’t what it was about that one.  Weirder still, rarely does a day go by that someone doesn’t view this post. It was from the week that I shared 7 different things about me.  It has the Big Bang Theory in it and a periodic  table of the elements.  “Periodic Table” is a search term that regularly brings views here, which also doesn’t make sense to me when there are so many science web sites out there.

Looking forward to what is to come in this blog, you can be sure I’ll be gearing up with more photography once things get  green again.

This spring will be a busy one in this family. Both the girls are going to the prom. Graduation and preparations for going off to college for Meghan. Recital time too.

I’ve got home improvement projects on my mind too. I’m working on trying to get the hubby to put down a new kitchen floor. I’ve shown you my kitchen a few times, here’s a picture from the midst of holiday baking that gives you a good look at the floor:
Disaster Area
This one is a few years old, and it is difficult to tell in this shot, but that white floor has gotten really dingy over the years.

Even more so than the floor, however, my dreams so often have been turning to one of these:
I want a hot tub/spa in the worst way. I’ve tried selling hubby on the health benefits for us both, but I’ve yet to move him in a way that could make this happen. It is my belief that my stresses for any particular moment would just melt away if I had one of these in my backyard!

What did you think about my little peek at where I’ve been and where I’m going? Say hello in the comments and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear about any favorite posts you may have had, stuff you might like to see more of or hear more about (or even the stuff you think there should be less of!). I will likely always write about what moves me on a particular day, but if there’s a style of post or a subject you like, I might try to work more of those into my blogs. For me, the fun of blogging is the interacting, so tell me what makes you want to comment on a post.