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November 24, 2012

November Chill

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Here I am today, wishing to reach out to you.

The Thanksgiving feast with extended family is over.  Leftovers are not found in my fridge.

After relative warmth for the past few days, a distinct chill has settled in to the air.  My thermometer claims 40°F, but I find it difficult to believe.  A wind that chills my bones makes me think otherwise.
a chill in the air

Can you feel it too?

I’m on my own this chilly afternoon.  Husband has returned to work, daughters both visiting with friends.  Why does my phone remain quiet, I ask myself.  No friendly texts or emails to say hello?  Hmmm, perhaps I should be making better use of this time.  No one asking me for anything, requiring anything of me.  Jump in the car, go do something, take pictures!

But then I remember the chill, and I remain.
rogue snowflake

Was that a snowflake alight on my collie’s back?  It’s surely poorly focused here, but that is indeed what it was.

In addition to the chill in the air and in my bones, a certain coolness is seeping into my thoughts as well.  Kathy has published a post today that has me pondering.  I challenge you to go and read it too, and not find yourself questioning and thinking.

afternoon light

Just what was my blogging muse hoping to say today?  I’m not sure that I know.

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