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July 3, 2012

It’s a Wrap

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No, not that kind of wrap! I kid, I kid! I stole this picture from my sister the foodie blogger because that’s the way I roll. Ha, ha – get it? Wrap? Roll? *Ahem*, well moving on…

I haven’t heard from any more bloggers taking advantage of the extension on the photo hunt deadline, so it looks like it is time to wrap it up.  It will be a quick wrap this time around because I only had 4 participants in addition to my own.  Was it too hard this time out?  Do we need to take a break from photo hunting for a little while?  I hope those of you who didn’t participate will let me know in the comments.

Scott was the first one in with a partial submission.  He included a photo of a proud grandma for “proud” here  and then went on to complete the rest of his photo hunt with this post.  “Aplomb” really threw Scott for a loop, so like a student worried about his grade on a test, he went for a bonus to use as a substitution!  You know I don’t really grade you, right Scott?  But I’ll give you an “A” for effort, LOL!  Grandma gets a really fantastic shot in the second post, so I hope you’ll go have a look.

Robin was the first blogger in with a complete photo hunt.  Robin won me over with her beautiful photos from Maine, my “home away from home” and some Canadian moose poop!  No really!  You have to go see for yourself.

Next in was Dawn.  Apparently I made Dawn work for her photo hunt this time around and she really came through with some great shots.  I awarded Dawn double-bonus points for one of her shots for tickling my funny bone.

Our fourth photo-hunter was Carol.  Carol’s hunt gave us a very sweet peek into her world and taught me a lesson in synonyms!

If you happened to miss my own (kinda sorta) photo hunt, you can see it here.

P.S.  Would you like the recipe for those chicken wraps whose photo I pilfered at the beginning of this post?  Pop over to my sister’s place and get it here.

P.P.S. Do you want a photo hunt in August or would you like a summer vacation?  Let me know!