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June 8, 2012

Photo Hunt Stuck!

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Hi everyone.  It’s June.  Has been for a week now.  June is an even-numbered month.  Do you know what I usually do in even-numbered months?  Of course you do – a photo hunt.  I’m sorry to say that I am really stumped for ideas here!  I’ve started and stopped writing one post idea.  I’ve scrolled through my old photo hunts.  I AM STUCK!  With all that has been going on around here recently, my creative juices just ain’t flowing.  So now, I am hoping for some help from you, dear readers!  Here’s what I am going to ask of you: leave me a one word comment here in the comment section of this post.  If I get enough comments, I will create a photo hunt list from your comments.  It is Friday evening as I am typing this post.  Hopefully, enough comments will roll in over the course of the weekend, and I will have an “official” photo hunt posted for you by Sunday evening.

What do you think, friends?  Ready to help a fellow blogger out?  First word that pops into your mind – post it below!

Here’s a pretty dahlia to look at while you think! 🙂


  1. how about words that rhyme with June? http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_rhymes_with_June (Sorry, more than one word!)

    Comment by catbirdinoman — June 8, 2012 @ 9:04 pm | Reply

    • Hmm – maybe a few of those. We shall see! Thanks for the list! 🙂

      Comment by Karma — June 9, 2012 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

  2. Rainbow. We’ve had several beautiful rainbows here lately, and I’ve been trying to get a nice photo of them. So far no luck. The hunt could be for colors of the rainbow, not just a rainbow.

    Comment by Andrea L — June 9, 2012 @ 9:47 am | Reply

    • Oh Andrea – thanks for chiming in, but that is exactly what I did for my photo hunt last August! I did “summer in the colors of the rainbow” – and I think an actual rainbow was the bonus! Great minds think alike! 😉

      Comment by Karma — June 9, 2012 @ 9:06 pm | Reply

  3. Peace. Power. Shapes.

    Comment by Carol — June 9, 2012 @ 10:00 am | Reply

    • Thoughts are starting to gel – thanks Carol.

      Comment by Karma — June 9, 2012 @ 9:06 pm | Reply

  4. joy

    Comment by Dawn — June 9, 2012 @ 8:40 pm | Reply

    • Thanks Dawn, you and Carol are giving me some inspiration. We will see if my thoughts come to fruition!

      Comment by Karma — June 9, 2012 @ 9:07 pm | Reply

  5. Toast.

    Comment by Gerry — June 9, 2012 @ 10:13 pm | Reply

  6. [No good reason, you understand, but it popped into my head so there you go.]

    Comment by Gerry — June 9, 2012 @ 10:14 pm | Reply

  7. How about an image of “something coming to fruition” ?

    Comment by sybil — June 14, 2012 @ 10:18 pm | Reply

  8. […] month, I was befuddled in even figuring out what the photo hunt would consist of.  Then some of you fine folks chimed in with some thoughts, and this month’s […]

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