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May 3, 2012

Favorites Photography Wrap-Up

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dessertThis photo has absoulutely nothing to do with the Favorites Photography Photo Hunt, but who doesn’t like dessert?  This is from one of the many dessert buffets on board the ship and this seemed like as good an excuse as any to feature the photo.

On to the Favorites Wrap-up:

Scott was the first one in this time around, and he presented a “Capitol” version of his favorites.  Visiting the National Zoo in Washington DC is on my bucket list and Scott features a beautiful tiger as one of his favorites.

Carol was next with some adorable shots of some of her favorite furry creatures in addition to other favorites.  Although I am not lucky enough to own an iPad, I can certainly appreciate Carol’s morning routine.  I think it is similar to one of my favorites – my favorite weekend morning routine of coffee and blog reading.

Faithful photo hunter Nye was third.  I love learning something new about Nye’s family’s culture each time I visit her site, and this month’s photo hunt was no exception.   Nye was right on with her bonus shot too – she knew I’d love to see a garden picture.

Cathy submitted next and brought another fascinating international photo hunt into our mix.  I think Cathy used just about all of my suggestions to make for a really cool “getting to know you” post.  She really hit a great bonus shot too, especially for being one of our newest photo hunters!

Sybil was afraid she’d get a poor mark for “not following the rules” – but as I explained, there are no real rules around here, and I just love what she did.  Sybil’s hunt shows us many of her favorite things to do, which I think is a really great idea.

I had a new photo hunter join us this month.  Paige of “The Authentic Me” found her way over via Carol’s blog.  I discovered through Paige’s post that we have several favorite things in common and that I’ll have to spend some more time checking out her site.

Robin’s favorites photo hunt presented us with a gorgeous collection of collages.  Robin has a great talent for making these, and what better way to show lots of favorites when you are having trouble deciding?

Dawn decided to show us the favorite people in her life, but cleverly protected the perhaps somewhat-photo-shy by having them hold cameras in their pictures.  She was also lucky enough to capture a beautiful swan nesting photo – something very new for me and a real treat to see.

I’ve not been one for sticking tight to deadlines when it comes to these photo hunts, and it is a good thing, or we might never get to see a photo hunt from my sister!  But Jennifer came through, and I swear her pets that she features in the first shot must be having some sort of conspiritorial conversation.  I love the refreshing look of a drink outside on the deck, and of course she was able to find a great shot for a bonus.

And last, but certainly not least, was Deb, who decided to go with a spring-themed favorites photo hunt when she realized that a lot of favorites just weren’t available for photo-taking in April.  She shares a truly stunning shot of a beautiful tulip.  She says she just might do some favorites for other seasons of the year too!

If you happened to miss my favorites photo hunt, have a look right here.

I hope you’ll have the chance to check out all the great photo hunts – and it looks like many of you have as I popped around getting the links for this post – and make someone happy with a nice comment.  I’ll be back at it in June, with a fresh photo hunt for you, as long as my ready-for-summer-to-arrive brain is able to dream up something interesting for you!  Thanks for participating and I hope you had fun!