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April 25, 2012

Off the Florida Keys…

… there’s a place called Cozumel.  Okay, I paraphrase.   That’s from the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo”, yet another song that invaded my head during the cruise.  And Cozumel is waaaaayyyyyy off the keys.  435 miles to be exact, but I’ve been using lyrics for my post titles this week in keeping with my cruise soundtrack idea and I didn’t have a song that exactly fit our visit to Mexico, so I tweaked!

It was a cloudy but warm day when we arrived at Puerto Maya, the Cozumel port where our ship docked.

I thought this picture of the ship in port gave a nice perspective of the size of the ship since you can see people disembarking in the shot.


We met our guides who took us to one of the highlights of this trip for me, swimming with a dolphin at Chankannaub Park.  Hubby wasn’t interested in participating in this activity, so lucky for me he was able to stand on the dock and take plenty of pictures.  I’ve put a sampling of this wonderful experience into a slideshow for you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The girls and I were absolutely delighted with “Frida” our 17-year-old female dolphin who entertained us and swam with us for about an hour.  If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to have this experience, don’t hesitate!  Do it!

After our swim with Frida and her trainer, we had time to explore Chankannaub Park.  It seemed relatively quiet, perhaps due to the cloudy skies, but I was able to wander around peacefully and take some more photos.

Tropical flowers:


a very noisy bird I’d love some help identifying:

And a lovely beach I could have easily been convinced to spend some time relaxing on if rain showers didn’t seem to be threatening:

After our delightful visit to Chankannaub, we did some souvenir (and tequila!) shopping in Puerta Maya before our return to the ship.  Meghan even tried bargaining down a few prices on some of her purchases!

Cozumel was the last stop before our return to Miami after a full day at sea on Thursday.  I’m sure I’ll be back later this week to wrap up our trip.

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