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February 28, 2012

February Photo Hunt Wrap-Up

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It’s time for another photo hunt wrap up!  Teddy is taking a bow for you all for your lovely participation in this challenging, photo-taking month.  Gee, I could’ve used him in my photo hunt: a bow-wow taking a bow? Er, maybe not.  Anyway, on to your photo hunts.  I have 9.28 photo hunts to share with you (.28? what the heck is she talking about this time?):

First blogger in this time around was Dawn.  Dawn chose to use adorable Katie in all of her photo hunt shots. I thought it was pretty cool how she got her to pose so nicely – looks like that doggy school they attend really pays off!

Next in was Scott.  Scott once again took nearly all of his shots with his iPhone! Handy little device when you are photo-hunting, eh Scott? His last shot of the post, and my favorite, however, wasn’t taken with the iPhone – an absolutely beautiful heart-shaped, natural pool.

Photo hunt #3 was Carol’s of Wanderings of an Elusive Mind (recently added to my blog roll in case you hadn’t noticed). Carol admitted feeling a litte trepidation in deciding on her photo hunt subjects, but I think she did a fab job, especially with the help of a mugging friend and some forgiving (hopefully!) adult children whose baby pictures were posted!

Despite the fact that the word “bun” totally stumped her, Robin turned in a beautiful photo hunt. I just love her natural hearts, and the doggy leap in the snow is adorable.

Deb had to get creative to make interesting pictures out of my somewhat mundane list of photo hunt words.  She had a little fun with the macro lens on some of her shots, but she cheated a little with her heart picture!  I did say no candy boxes, but I’ll let you slide Deb! 😉

The sixth blogger in my hunt this time around was a newcomer, CatbirdinKorea.  I can’t find a real first name for Ms. Catbird anywhere on her blog, so I’m going to assume she’d like to keep it that way!  Ms. Catbird presented a fascinating overseas look at the hunt and I’m very glad she decided to participate!  I hope you’ll come around next time too, Ms. Catbird.

Photo-hunt faithful, Nye Noona, was next in line.  Her post includes some adorable pictures of her daughter Lee and some tasty looking food too!

Dear sister-of-mine took advantage of my photo hunt extension and produced a fun photo hunt, of course starring the lovable Ozzie. I think she was also trying to win my favor with her inclusion of a couple of familiar co-stars! Okay, bonus points for nepotism! 😉

If you happened to miss my photo hunt pictures, please have a look at them here.

So there’s nine photo hunts.  Just what was I talking about when I said 9.28? Here’s the .28: Holly really wanted to participate, but was only able to manage two of the seven shots.  I guess I could really give her .33 since shot #7 was a bonus!  The two shots that she did contribute were adorable, so I’m glad she took the time to post them.

I hope you’ll have the chance to check out all the other photo hunts and leave them some comment love.  Here, I’ll bribe you with some chocolate covered strawberries (hey – there’s another shot I could’ve used in my hunt; they are kind of heart-shaped!):


New photo hunt in April!