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February 20, 2012


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This morning I continued my bird count for the GBBC while drinking coffee and reading blogs.  I have a nice view of my bird feeders from where I sit while I’m at the computer.  I was reading this post by Holly and admiring her sparkly snow and a picture of a red-bellied woodpecker – frequent visitor to my feeders last winter.  I mentioned in a comment to her that I’d actually seen those woodpeckers using the same pose she had captured on my feeders, but hadn’t had my camera handy at the time.  Less than 10 minutes after I left that comment, guess what?  Yup, a couple of red-bellied woodpeckers showed up in my front yard!

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Funny thing is, I didn’t even realize at first that I had taken pictures of both of the birds.  Only when I was editing the size of the shots to put them in the slideshow did I notice that two of the shots featured a bird with a fully bright red forehead, while the others show a bird with the appearance of a “bald patch” (not really bald, of course, just gray feathers where the other has red)

I was happy to have the opportunity to catch the pictures, and add the red-bellies to my count for the GBBC.

For anyone who may be interested, here’s a list of the species I counted:

  • northern cardinal
  • blue jay
  • dark-eyed junco
  • mourning dove
  • rock pigeon
  • tufted titmouse
  • red tail hawk
  • song sparrow
  • house sparrow
  • American robin
  • European starling
  • Cooper’s hawk
  • red-bellied woodpecker