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December 26, 2011

Après Noël

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“After Christmas” sounds prettier and more exciting in French, doesn’t it?  Not that I’m having an exciting day here; I needed a day to kick back and relax after all the work and activity of the past few days.

Daphne here gives you the idea of what I’m feeling like today.  Weeks of build up and preparation, over in a short time, leaving you feeling wiped out!  I’m very grateful for having my family around me in my home for Christmas, but as the busy hostess, I’m sad to tell you I forgot to take pictures most of the day!

I did receive some fun photography gifts from my dad:


I’ll spend some much needed quiet time over the next few days reading through that book and on the B&H website deciding how to spend that giftcard.  I have an idea in mind, but I haven’t decided yet.  My purchase may have something to do with this:

This is something that has been in the planning stages for a few months now.  We just made it official a few days before Christmas and booked a family cruise for the April school vacation week.  Hubby and I cruised for our honeymoon (almost 20 years ago!!!) and the girls have never been.  I’m considering using my giftcard to purchase an inexpensive, waterproof, point & shoot camera for the trip.  The girls’ “extra special” Christmas gift this year was a promise to swim with dolphins when our ship docks in Cozumel, Mexico, and you know I will need pictures of that!

I hope your Christmas brought you special joy and memories.  Remember to work on your December Photo Hunt too!