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December 18, 2011

Finding Warmth on a Cold Day

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Brrrrr…. I don’t think the temperatures got out of the 20’s here today.  With the exception of a few raw, cool days, the weather locally has been very moderate as we prepare to officially say goodbye to autumn.  I won’t say that I welcome winter – by I will try not to be too grumpy about its return if we can maybe strike some sort of deal with Mama Nature.  For whatever reason, my little corner of the world seems to have been on her …less favored side this year.  I’m hoping she got it out of her system and might see her way to gracing us with just a few gentle dustings of snow this time around.

Here’s someone who doesn’t see to mind the cold:

The reason I’d actually ventured out into the cold was I noticed an interesting pattern of frost.. unusual for 4:00 in the afternoon, wouldn’t you say?  I thought it might make a nice shot for my photo hunt, but meh.. I’m not thrilled with it.  Will continue to keep my eyes open.

But then a completely different shot drew my attention away:

My neighbor’s decorative tall grass looked warm and inviting in the setting sun – a total antithesis from the way I was feeling.  Like a cat luxuriating in the glow of a sunny window, my thoughts turned to those days that I love so much, but that feel so very far away right now.