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December 16, 2011

Peeking in

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Having a peek – that’s what I’ve been doing this week.  As we approach the holidays, my days seem to get busier, but I’ve still been trying to peek in on all of you.  And here we are at the weekend before Christmas already!  We have a Christmas party to go to tomorrow, and I am at the point where I really need to take inventory of what I have purchased so far and what I still need to get.  Anyone else ever do that?  Forget exactly what you’ve bought so you have to refresh your memory to make sure you didn’t forget anyone?  I suspect I will be full of “to-do” and “to-buy” lists over the coming week.

Continuing with peeking in, here’s a little peek at some of those details that I love so much about my Christmas village.  As I explained in my previous post, I try to change up the look of my village each year by displaying a few different pieces and arranging them differently.  Different this year is my dining room picture-window display, which I imagine as a quiet seaside town in Maine.  I showed you this picture in the last post, but here it is again in case you don’t want to scroll back to have a look:

Here’s a piece I haven’t always displayed because it doesn’t always have a place to fit in:

This ice fisherman didn’t come with the frozen lake, but I thought they worked well together.  Can you see there are actually fish there under the “water”?  If you look back up to the first picture, there’s an ice fishing shack in the background too.


This skating pond has been a favorite of the cats in my life for many years.  When clicked into the “on” position, motorized magnets make the skaters swirl about their frozen pond, much to the delight of mischievious kitties who enjoy swatting the tantalizing figures.  Cedric has already been “cow tipping” by the dairy barn this year, by the way!


Here’s a piece I don’t think I displayed at all last year – “Vineland Estates Winery.”  Here you will find details you might not expect in the typical lit village houses, such as:

wine bottles and glasses


and grapevines

I meant to show you this picture in my last post, but somehow it got away from me.  You don’t mind if I add it now, even if it has nothing to do with what I’ve been talking about right?

This is what happens when you accidentally leave the shutter open for 8 seconds while pointing the camera at your silly dog dressed up in Christmas lights.  It’s kind of cool, though, isn’t it?

Then that picture made me think of this one:

I had seen both Robin and Holly trying out this form of abstract art done with Photoshop, so I decided to play too.  I started with a picture of my glowing snowman and followed directions given in a tutorial.  If you’d like to try too, Holly has a link to that tutorial in her post to which I linked.

My whole family is actually home tonight – hubby and both daughters- so I’ll be stepping away from the computer and chores and shopping tonight for a rare family movie night.  Hubby seems quite excited about it and has gone out and bought us boxes of movie candy to enjoy, despite the fact that he’s making us spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight.  I guess I’ll just have to find some room to fit it all in!