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November 14, 2011

Best of, Part 5

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We’ve arrived at the final installment of my favorite photos of 2011.  This was kind of a long series, wasn’t it?  I hope you know that it isn’t that I think I’m so great that I needed five posts of my favorites, LOL!  It is partly my indecisiveness and partly my deep love of photography.  It is a hobby that brings me great joy; that great joy is multiplied several times when I manage a shot I’ve been coveting or one that I believe has come out beautifully.

I mentioned yesterday that there were two posts that helped to sway me to write this last post in the series.  The first was this one by Kathy.  Kathy is changing her ways a bit with regard to her blogs.  She’s made the decision that she is going to be more selective about her choices for blog posts.  She asked some cutting questions about whether she should blog about what would please others to read or stick to choices closest to her heart ( I hope I am explaining this okay Kathy!)  Then I popped over to Danielle’s blog to see her “Best of” assignment for Scott.  She has some truly compelling moments captured in her favorites.  Her most wonderful shots, in my humble opinion? The ones with her children in them.  She has a way of capturing these shots that make me sure we are getting a glimpse into their personalities.

And that, dear readers, is what I’ve been trying to decide about.  My children.  Of course, they are beautiful to me, but perhaps the rest of you would not find their photos to be as interesting as I do, so I hesitated to include them in my “best of” series.  However, if I am true to my heart, my girls need to be included in my best, because they are the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I’ve chosen three of my favorite shots of each of my daughters and created a collage for each:


This is part 5, my final post in my series for Scott’s assignment to show your best of 2011.